If you are planning a trip from Boston to Niagara Falls, you can enjoy the beauty of the northeastern United States by spending some time in New England before you reach the border between the USA and Canada once you reach the falls.

You can certainly fly from Boston to Niagara Falls, but you’ll miss the chance to explore the forests and cities you pass through. Then why don’t you make it a road trip?

A journey of 467 miles from Boston to Niagara Falls takes just over 7 hours unless you plan to spend the night somewhere. But if you divide it by 2 or 3 days, it means you can stop and experience the culture of the cities you are going through.

If you’re thinking about this trip, read on for the best route and some great places to stop and check in during your trip.

How far is Niagara Falls from Boston and how long does it take to get there?

The image of people looking at the picturesque view of the Niagara Falls, complemented by colorful lighting.
Even a night view of Niagara Falls will convince you to make the trip from Boston.

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There are several routes you can take from Boston to Niagara Falls, but the best is the 467 mile long route, which takes just over 7 hours. This does not include toilets, food or gas breaks, so you can add a few hours at these stops.

Also note that depending on the day and time of departure from Boston, you may need to spend more time on your itinerary. If you leave during rush hour or on a Friday or Saturday, join the millions of other drivers leaving Boston.

Even if you add this extra time to your itinerary, you can probably complete the whole trip in one day. But what’s the point of taking to the streets if you don’t stop?

It is best to divide your trip into 2 or 3 separate days. You can visit a number of cities that are crossed on the way to the Niagara Falls.

Best Road Trip from Boston to Niagara Falls

The best way to get from Boston to Niagara Falls is to take the I-90. If you want to visit the national park along the way and don’t mind waiting an extra hour, you can cross the MA-2 before reaching the I-90.

But don’t worry, the quickest route will not lead to a lack of accommodation. This route is preferable if you are interested in cultural and historical sights and prefer to stay in cities rather than in national parks.

Transport route from Boston to Niagara Falls

The road you’re going to take is very simple. Start leaving Boston heading I-93. As soon as you reach the I-90, follow the US-62 N, or Niagara Falls Boulevard to the waterfall.

Best stopover between Boston and Niagara Falls

On the way to Niagara Falls this route takes you through several cities. Here you will find some places where you could spend the night, as well as some recommendations for accommodation.

Visit to Springfield, Massachusetts

Whether you’re interested in sports, literature or history, Springfield has something to discover. Visit the Springfield Museums, a collection of museums in the city centre.

You can visit the Science Museum, the National Gallery and the Springfield Museum of History. And not only that, but you can also experience the element of your childhood by visiting the Dr. Seuss Museum and the Memorial Sculpture Garden.

If you are looking for a place to stay, consider booking a room at Naomi’s Inn Bed & Breakfast. You’ll love this chic Victorian-style hotel. The Basketball Hall of Fame is just 3.6 miles away, and if you like amusement parks, it’s only a 12-minute drive to the Six Flags of New England.

Shop in the museums of Syracuse, New York

During your visit to Syracuse you can explore historical sites, museums, nature walks and Destiny USA, a large shopping mall where you can do your shopping.

Consider staying at the historic Jefferson Clinton Suites, where you’ll have access to a gym, if you want to be sure you can work out on this trip. Nearby there is a shopping centre and a theatre with attractions, which was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Don’t miss the chance to spend the night in one of Syracuse’s many museums, such as the Everson Art Museum, the Salt Museum or the Erie Canal Museum for a taste of the past.

Spectacular sunset in a pavilion on Lake Hiawata in Syracuse's Central Park.
Immerse yourself in a spectacular sunset from a pavilion on Lake Hiawata in Onondaga Park, in Syracuse known as Central Park in New York, on your way from Boston to Niagara Falls.

Mahmoud Masad/Shutterstock.com

Buffalo study, New York

Buffalo is the second largest city in New York where there is something to do and see. Visit the Buffalo Zoo, stroll along the canal or take a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House.

If you want to stay in a beautiful historic building in Buffalo, book a room at the Henry Urban Resort Conference Centre. This elegant resort is just a short drive from the Buffalo Zoo and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House. There is also a terrace and a garden where you can sit and relax for a while.

While you are in Buffalo, there is no shortage of historical and cultural sights worth visiting. Be sure to visit the botanical gardens of Buffalo and Erie County, the Marine Park and the Albrigt-Knox Art Gallery.

Driving trip from Boston to Niagara Falls

Let’s see why you decided to take a road trip because of your flight to Niagara Falls! There are many places to stop on the way from Boston to the waterfall. Here’s a list of some things you might want to consider.

  1. National Forest of the Green Mountain: If you don’t mind another hour on the road, you can leave Boston on the MA-2 and stay in the Green Mountain National Forest. You will have the opportunity to see many wild animals while walking, fishing and cycling in the park.
  2. Chester Blanford State Forest: You may already be on your way to one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, but why not stop at Chester Blanford State Forest and visit the 60 metre high Sanderson Brook Falls in preparation for your visit? There are also several hiking trails in this state forest that you can enjoy, as well as an old mine.
  3. Oktyabrsky State Mountain Forest: With 16,500 hectares, it is the largest state forest in Massachusetts. Explore one of the forest trails and visit the Shermerhorn Gorge.
  4. Albany, New York: The capital of the state of New York, Albany, has many tourist attractions, including the Egg Performing Arts Center.
  5. Hove Caves: A visit to the Hove Caves takes you a little further south, but a visit to these caves is definitely worth it. Howe Caverns is a popular tourist attraction that offers visitors the experience of magic without expensive equipment. Sign up for one of their many excursions and prepare to sink more than 150 feet underground as you explore caves.
  6. Mariaville Lake: If you want to know where to go on the outskirts of Niagara Falls, discover Lake Mariaville. This lake is home to a large population of perch and perch.
  7. Ontario Beach Park: If you want to make that summer trip and go swimming, take a trip to Ontario Beach Park. You can reach this beach via Rochester, New York, and spend the day sunbathing on the water.
  8. Beach park at Lake Erie: If you decide to stay in Buffalo, don’t forget to stop for a dive in Lake Erie Beach Park.
  9. Niagara falls: Finally, it’s worth mentioning first the reason why you took this trip! Niagara Falls is located directly on the border between Canada and the USA and is a group of 3 impact-resistant waterfalls.

Empire Plaza with egg, reflected in the water on a beautiful day.
Thanks for the performing arts in Egg Albany, New York.

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.com

Best time to travel from Boston to Niagara Falls

If you want to visit Niagara Falls at a time of year when the weather is better, you will want to go in summer. June to August will be the warmest period with average temperatures in the eighties.

If you are travelling in summer, all the sights around Niagara Falls are open to you, including the Discover Niagara Shuttle, which allows you to explore the area. You can also reserve a place in the Virgin Fog, which has been bringing tourists and visitors to the foot of these incredible waterfalls since the 1840s.

Don’t forget that in the summer you will have to deal with many other tourists visiting the area. Good weather brings large crowds, so if you prefer to avoid it, you have to switch to one of the slower seasons.

If you go there in winter, expect the temperature to drop below 0. Most attractions in the area will also be closed. However, autumn and spring still offer some possibilities. Although the weather will be cooler than in summer, the crowds will be smaller and prices for attractions will be lower.

On a guided tour in spring you can see new and beautiful flowers at the Niagara Falls Botanical Garden, and if you decide to visit in autumn, the local wineries will harvest the grapes.

Regardless of the time of year you decide to visit Niagara Falls, don’t forget to bring your passport so you can check your things across the border.

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