As a fan of road trips, I have spent many hours exploring the US by car. The most challenging part is finding parking in major cities such as Denver and Dallas for free. Finding cheap gas on long-distance drives has been another challenge, but these challenges are no match to cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH that allow drivers to pay without cash or cards.

The “dallas to colorado springs road trip time” is a journey that many people take. The trip starts in Dallas, Texas and ends in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Road Trip From Dallas To Denver

Consider a road trip from Dallas to Denver if you like the gorgeous American South and want a long but enjoyable adventure. You’ll get the opportunity to see some of New Mexico’s, Oklahoma’s, and Kansas’ attractions, as well as Colorado’s gorgeous Rockies.

It takes 12 hours to travel 795 miles from Dallas to Denver. The Carson and San Isabel National Forests, as well as Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, and Colorado Springs, as well as Lake Thunderbird and Rocky Mountain National Parks, are among the places visited.

When it comes to this road trip, there’s a lot to unpack — read on to get a sense of what you’re in for.

What is the distance between Denver and Dallas, and how long will the journey take?


Route Distance Time to Drive
The Panhandle of Texas Route 795 miles 12 hours
Oklahoma/Kansas Highway 880 miles 1 day, 40 minutes

There are two primary routes from Denver to Dallas worth considering: one passes through New Mexico before heading through Colorado’s national forests, while the other passes through Oklahoma and Kansas before arriving in Denver from the east.

The former route will take you across the so-called Texas Panhandle, the state’s flat, dry northwestern region, before entering New Mexico. This journey is over 800 miles long and takes 12 hours to travel, so you’ll need to break it up into at least two days.

Daytime view of Turner Falls Park, Oklahoma Turner Falls is one of the most subtle but stunning sights to be seen on this long road journey. Thomason

Another alternative is to travel along several interstates through Oklahoma City and Kansas’ heartland if the weather is severe or you just want a nicer trip.

This route spans around 880 miles, however it takes the same amount of time as the other way since interstates allow you to go much quicker.

The best route from Dallas to Denver for a road trip

There is no The best route from Dallas to Denver for a road trip – both of the routes outlined above have their own unique highlights, the key ones being the forests west of Denver. If the conditions allow for it, consider taking one route on the way to Denver and the other on the return trip.

With that said, if you’re looking for an easier drive, Oklahoma/Kansas Highway is arguably a much safer bet. Not only will you never leave the interstate, but you also get to avoid the traffic leading into Denver from Colorado Springs.

The Panhandle of Texas Route

Leaving Dallas on the Texas 183 Express, go east and towards Fort Worth. Take Route 287 from there, passing through Wichita Falls and through Lake Arrowhead State Park. On your route into New Mexico via Route 87, drive through Amarillo and the Rita Blanca National Grasslands.

Before traveling through Sugarite Canyon State Park and entering Colorado via Interstate 25, make sure to visit Taos and the Carson National Forest. Before continuing on the road, get your bearings here.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park, as well as the Rio Grande, Gunnison, and San Isabel National Forests, comprise a stunning chain of sites that stretches all the way to Denver.

Oklahoma/Kansas Highway

Before reaching Oklahoma City, leave Dallas and go north on Interstate 35, passing through Lake Murray, Lexington Wildlife Management Area, and Lake Thunderbird State Park. Take a break here before continuing on the highway, going by Lake McMurtry Friends and into Kansas.

Stop in Wichita, then go on Interstate 135, which will take you all the way to Salina. Take Interstate 70 west from there, passing through areas like Cheyenne Bottoms Refuge before entering Colorado. Before approaching Denver, make a pit break at Pawnee National Grassland, which is still on the highway.

Between Dallas and Denver, the best locations to stop are

When driving from Dallas to Denver, you’ll surely want to locate a location to stop. Fortunately, both routes provide some fantastic possibilities for you to explore. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Taos’ distinct beauty is something to see.

If you’re taking the panhandle route and are in the market for something completely different, you can’t pass up on Taos. There are plenty of amazing (not to mention incredibly unique) hotels in town, but Adobe and Pines Inn Bed & Breakfast is the most elegant one by far.

This resort is nothing if not distinctive, with walls and décor in every hue of the rainbow (and many more). Guests will have access to an inside fireplace and an outdoor hot tub, in addition to the comfortable couches.

Ancient dwellings in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico Taos Pueblo’s historic houses are a sight you won’t soon forget. Fox

The location is also fantastic for recreational activities, with nearby ski slopes, hiking trails, rivers and rafting equipment, and much more all within a short walk.

Best of all, this resort provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a bargain price in Taos. Take advantage of your opportunity to see as much of the ancient town as possible.

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip in Denver.

Although Denver has some extremely exquisite hotels, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a fantastic holiday here. The Hyatt Regency Denver is the place to go if you want to wine and dine at one of the best resorts in the region.

This hotel’s accommodations are everything you could want in a room: contemporary, big, and comfy. You’ll want to obtain a hotel on one of the upper floors to enjoy a great perspective of the city, as is customary while vacationing in a big city.

You may eat three meals a day at the on-site Former Saint Kitchen and Bar, or relax in the lounge area and treat yourself to something from the grab-and-go store if you’d like to dine with a great window view.

Hiking near Denver in the summer - walk along a stream in the Elk Range, Rocky Mountains Denver is surrounded by a variety of lovely natural landscapes if you need a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Cicchetti

The hotel has it all in terms of amenities: you can work up a sweat in the fitness center, take a peaceful plunge in the indoor pool or the outdoor hot tub beneath the stars, or pay extra for some of the on-site spa and wellness services.

Finally, everything is rounded off with a fantastic location — you’ll be only steps away from downtown Denver. All of these factors, together with the low price, make this hotel difficult to surpass.

On a road journey from Dallas to Denver, there are many sights to view.

  1. Fort Worth – a gorgeous Texas metropolis deeply rooted in the arts and cowboy culture
  2. Caprock Canyons State Park – located near Amarillo, this is one of Texas’ largest and most scenic state parks
  3. Taos Pueblo – a Puebloan settlement boasting unique architecture and a rich history
  4. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve – one of the centerpieces of the San Luis Valley that features the tallest dunes in all of the States
  5. San Isabel National Forest – featuring beautiful grasslands, scenic hiking trails, and sweeping mountains, this forest is a must-see
  6. Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests – these beautiful forests are among the definitive camping and hiking spots in Colorado
  7. Gunnison National Forest –with over 2 million acres of ground to explore and countless fishing, hunting, and hiking spots, this forest manages to stand out among its already impressive surroundings
  8. Colorado Springs –when visiting this gorgeous city along the Rocky Mountains, be sure to check out the Cave of the Winds and the red rocks at The Garden of the Gods
  9. Rocky Mountain National Park – the beautiful combination of mountains, forests, and alpine lakes is what makes this among the most visited national parks in North America
  10. Pawnee National Grasslands – this area features stunning buttes and prairies, as well as a wide assortment of rare bird species
  11. Ray Roberts Lake State Park – a large lake surrounded by parks, biking trails, and lodges
  12. Turner Falls Park – this park features numerous caves for you to explore, not to mention the biggest waterfall in Oklahoma
  13. Lake Thunderbird State Park – featuring everything from beautiful campsites to sunny beaches and archery ranges, this is one of the most popular lakeside retreats in the region for a reason
  14. Oklahoma City – Oklahoma’s capital is also among its most unique cities, largely owing to its well-preserved cowboy aesthetic

Sunset over The Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs lives true to its name. Fields Photography

When is the best time to travel from Dallas to Denver?

The optimum time to take a road trip from Dallas to Denver depends on your goals; nevertheless, no matter when you go, the route and the city have lots to offer.

With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning on driving through the Panhandle: it’s not uncommon for snow to build up on the roadways there for days, if not weeks, possibly bringing your gorgeous drive to a stop.

The scenery along the road are also worth considering – the San Isabel, Gunnison, and White River National Woods are just a few of the Rocky Mountain forests worth seeing, and it may be ideal to do so while the trails are clear and the weather is moderate.

In terms of Denver, there are advantages to going at any time of year. Despite its fantastic skiing location, Denver’s tourist numbers plummet during the winter months.

Scenic view of Denver's skyline at sunset Denver is one of the few cities in the world that successfully blends natural settings with sprawling cityscapes. Family

If you know there will be a lot of snow in Denver in a given year, you can even go skiing in the early spring and get a good discount on a hotel stay.

Late spring and autumn are ideal seasons to visit since the weather is pleasant and there is lots to do, including Oktoberfest and Beer Fest, as well as a variety of music events. The caveat is that the city receives a lot of rain throughout these months, which may restrict your outside time.

There’s always summer if the rainier seasons don’t appeal to you. Don’t be deceived by the altitude; temperatures here may and will often reach triple digits, and you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to get a good hotel room.

The “best way to drive dallas to denver” is a question that has been asked many times. There are many different ways to do this depending on how much time you have and what your plans for the trip are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I stop between Denver and Dallas?

A: You should stop in between Dallas and Houston.

What is the halfway point between Dallas and Denver?

A: The halfway point between Dallas and Denver is in Wichita Falls, Texas. Its at a city called Denton which has a population of 247 people.

Where should I stop from Dallas to Colorado?

A: A good place to stop would be in Denver, Colorado.

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