It is said that Las Vegas was once an oasis in the desert and now, it’s a place of sin. Where do you go if you’re looking for something beyond the glitz? How about seeing one of America’s natural wonders? From there, we can visit some amazing sites like Hoover Dam or Death Valley before heading to Grand Canyon National Park.

The “road trip from las vegas to grand canyon west rim” is a trip that most people would love to take. It’s a long and winding journey, but the views are worth it.

The route from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon is recommended for anybody wishing for an amazing tour through some of America’s most renowned parks and woodlands. This fantastic road journey has something for everyone, from red rock formations to beautiful woodland sunrises.

The 360-mile journey from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon takes 6 hours of nonstop driving. The national parks of Zion and Bryce Canyon, as well as the national forests of Prescott, Dixie, and Coconino, as well as Sedona, Flagstaff, and Horseshoe Bend, are all popular destinations.

Continue reading to learn more about what this incredible drive has to offer.

What is the distance between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and how long will the journey take?

The fastest route from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon takes around 4 hours of driving and covers 275 miles of terrain, not including diversions. This means you may leave early in the morning and conclude the journey later that day.

However, taking it easy and seeing all the road has to offer is a better option: by traveling the interstate through Arizona, you’ll be able to see some of the state’s most famous cities and natural features by just dedicating a little additional time to the journey.

Another alternative is to travel north of Grand Canyon and circumnavigate it to reach the canyon’s eastern entrance. This will add two hours to your journey and will replace Arizona’s state forests with notable Utah attractions such as Zion National Park.

Desert view at sunset from the top of Gooseberry Mesa near St George, Utah Near St George, Utah, a view from the summit of Gooseberry Mesa.


Regardless of whatever route you choose, anticipate some traffic congestion, particularly towards the conclusion of the shorter route. Passing through Flagstaff or Sedona on a weekend will almost certainly get you stuck in traffic.

The best way from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

The Route through Utah is probably your best chance when it comes to planning a road trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. The trip through Utah may take a bit longer, but it will take you past some spectacular landscapes and sites.

However, if you want to combine sightseeing with convenience, we propose taking one route to Grand Canyon and the other on the way back.

The most efficient ways from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

  The Shortest Way Route through Utah
a certain distance (miles) 280 410
Time spent driving four hours and forty minutes 7 hours
Best for Better roads & faster route Scenery & wilderness
Approaching the Grand Canyon South Rim North Rim

The The Shortest Way

As you travel from Las Vegas to Arizona via Interstates 515 and 11, you’ll pass through Hoover Dam. Take Route 93 to Kingman, and if you have time, take a diversion east to see the neighboring Havasu National Wildlife Refuge or Mojave National Preserve.

A vintage Station Wagon parked outside the brightly-colored Mr D'z Diner on Route 66 at Kingman, Arizona On Route 66 near Kingman, Arizona, you’ll find Mr D’z Diner. Fell Media

Back in Kingman, hop on Interstate 40 and follow it all the way to Williams, stopping at Ashford for a southerly diversion to Prescott National Forest along the route.

Once you’ve arrived in Williams, you’ll want to take a few more detours to Flagstaff, Sedona, and the Coconino National Forest. When you’re finished, go to Grand Canyon through the southern entrance on Route 64 from Williams.

The Route through Utah

Exit Las Vegas on Interstate 15 and continue beyond Valley of Fire State Park. Drive through Mesquite before entering Utah and stopping in St George; this is the ideal time to go off-roading and see Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, as well as the Dixie National Forest.

Following Route 59 into Arizona, travel Routes 389 and 89A to Kaibab National Forest. You could access the park through the north rim here, but instead, stop at Kaibab National Forest before proceeding beyond Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.

Following Route 89 to Cameron and entering the park by the eastern entrance, or continuing all the way down to Flagstaff and entering through the southern entrance, as on the shorter route.

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument set against a blue sky Vermillion Cliffs National Monument’s White Pocket region. Thomas Allen

Between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, the best locations to stop are

Don’t be fooled by the modest miles; you’ll want to spend some time on the route between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon staying overnight to see all there is to see.

Although there are many excellent resorts along the road, these are the best:

At Flagstaff, you’ll be treated like royalty.

Flagstaff is surrounded by stunning woods, ancient landmarks, and a variety of geological curiosities, making it a must-see destination. There are several fantastic hotels in the city, but nothing compares to the stunning design and magnificent pool at Little America Hotel Flagstaff.

The tiny rooms are vintage but quite comfortable and pleasing to the eye, and if you’re traveling with your significant other, you’ll like the romantic atmosphere.

A time-lapse shot of Flagstaff historic center in Arizona, at night with traffic going by Flagstaff, Arizona’s historic downtown district. Curtis

After a long day of sightseeing, you’ll need something to revive you, and the Little America Restaurant and Bar can provide you with either all-American food or fantastic drinks.

There’s always something to do here, rain or shine: cool down in the pool in the summer, stay warm in the winter with an indoor exercise in the gym, or take a walk around the courtyard for everything in between.

The hotel’s location is ideal, and the pricing is quite reasonable, especially given how much there is to do on-site and in the surrounding region.

At Zion National Park, take in the breathtaking landscape.

St George is practically Zion’s front porch, and if you don’t want to camp, it’s by far the finest choice for an overnight break. The Advenire is the best hotel here, with a lovely terrace view of the city that will remain with you for a long time.

You can’t go wrong with a combination of whites and wood textures, and the suites here are the ideal example; the rooms seem like they belong in a high-end hotel in a large city.

A river running through the mountains in Sunset at Zion National Park. Sunset at Zion National Park. Wiktor

If the weather permits, take a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool before drying off by the fire pit while gazing out over the city and plotting your next excursion. When you add in the excellent restaurant, you can’t really ask for much more.

The rooms here are really reasonably reasonable, given the quality of the hotel and its closeness to Zion National Park (not to mention the many attractions in the St George area), so there’s little need to explore any other resort in the vicinity.

On a road journey from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, there are many sights to view.

The road journey from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon is just a few hours long, but there’s so much to see that you could easily spend a week on it. Some of the locations you’ll want to stop by along the journey are:

  1. One of the most magnificent panoramas in the Las Vegas area is Lake Mead/Hoover Dam, which is an excellent spot for sunrise photography.
  2. Prescott National Forest is a national forest in Prescott, Arizona. This woodland, located near Flagstaff in the highland area, is a welcome sight after a long trip over the desert.
  3. Flagstaff – This famous city is arguably best recognized for being surrounded on all sides by stunning natural features, giving it an ideal starting place for exploring Arizona.
  4. Sedona – Known for its unique red rock formations, this charming tourist destination is a must-see on your journey.
  5. Coconino National Forest – One of the most geologically varied woods in the United States, including everything from volcanic remnants and mesas to lush flora and gorgeous lakes.
  6. Valley of Fire State Park – If you time your visit to coincide with a sunset, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the park’s rock formations catching fire.
  7. Mesquite – This lovely city is a miniature version of Las Vegas, with lots of gaming, golfing, and tourism options.
  8. National Park of Zion – When it comes to this legendary park, the Virgin River, picturesque forest paths, and the breathtaking Zion canyons are only the tip of the iceberg.
  9. Bryce Canyon National Park – The park’s iconic hoodoos constitute a ‘natural amphitheater,’ as well as a magnificent environment perfect for exploration and touring.
  10. The Dixie National Forest, Utah’s largest national forest, is noted for its stunning scenery, diverse topography, and dramatic weather changes.
  11. If you access the Grand Canyon through the North or South Rims, Kaibab National Forest serves as a ‘gateway’ to the canyon.
  12. Horseshoe Bend – Also known as the ‘East Rim of Grand Canyon,’ this is a must-see stop before entering Grand Canyon.
  13. Wupatki National Monument is another must-see attraction in the Flagstaff area, with magnificent desert landscapes and Wukoki ruins complexes.

Bell Rock showing Vegetation growing on the Red Rocks and Red Soil in Coconino National Forest near Sedona in northern Arizona Bell Rock, near Sedona, in the Coconino National Forest.

/ Beugelink

When is the best time to go from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?

The weather and accessibility of the park may vary dramatically from season to season, making it simpler to plan when to do the road journey from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon than for most other road excursions.

Summer is the most popular season to visit the Grand Canyon, but if you want to avoid crowds, this may not be the ideal time for you. Plus, depending on your tastes, you’d have to travel across the desert at peak high temps, which may not be the most pleasant journey.

Winter, on the other hand, is the perfect ‘cheap’ season for visiting this location, since the low temperatures attract few travelers. Keep in mind that the North Rim is inaccessible at this time of year, so make sure you know your route alternatives before you start arranging your trip.

Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons to visit if you want a good blend of low crowds, reasonable pricing, and lovely weather.

However, you should still do some research before heading out during these times of year; after a very hard winter, snow and other terrible weather may often extend into spring, and summer crowds can sometimes persist in early October if the weather is pleasant.

The “las vegas to grand canyon skywalk” is a road trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. The destination is a popular tourist destination and can be seen from the skywalk.

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