If you come from the City of Angels and are looking for epic mountains, breathtaking forests and one of the most beautiful canyons in America, then you should definitely consider driving from Los Angeles to Zion National Park.

The journey from Los Angeles to Zion National Park takes 6 hours and you will not only travel through the incredible Las Vegas, but also through fascinating parks and reserves. Don’t forget to spice up your trip with a tour of Bryce Cannon.

Read on to get an idea of what this route between Los Angeles and Zion NP has to offer.

How far is Zion National Park of Los Angeles and how long does it take to get there?

The 430 mile drive from Los Angeles to Zion National Park takes just over 6 hours with normal gas and lunch breaks. This means that you can leave in the morning and arrive in Zion early enough, even with one or two long stops.

However, there are too many great places along the way, so to really enjoy this trip, you should plan at least one night in Las Vegas (usually in the middle of the route) or even in one of the small towns near a large park.

Generally you drive on desert terrain, so traffic jams shouldn’t be a problem for most people. Please note, however, that if you leave Los Angeles or drive through Las Vegas on weekends or holidays, you may get stuck in traffic, which can add an hour or two to your travel time.

Highway 15 to Mojave on a sunny morning with picturesque views of the mountains.
The I-15 will take you from Los Angeles to Zion National Park, with many stops along the way.


Best route for a car ride from Los Angeles to Zion National Park

The fastest and most beautiful route from Los Angeles to Zion National Park follows the I-15 for the last few miles. This route is not only fast and comfortable, but also gives you the opportunity to view the whole route.

Directions on the road from Los Angeles to Zion National Park

Take the I-15 north of Los Angeles through the Angeles/San Bernardino National Forest. If you drive between Mojave National Park and Death Valley National Park, you won’t get to Las Vegas until you’ve seen the Red Rock National Conservation Area and Lake Mead while you’re here.

Further into the state you’ll pass through Fire Valley National Park and the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument. As you drive through Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and Quail Creek State Park, you’ll soon split off on Highway 9 to reach Zion National Park.

You can also visit Bryce Canyon National Park, a picturesque place that is almost always worth a visit. Follow State Route 9 from the eastern entrance of Sion to the intersection of Mont Carmel and the US-89. Continue north on this road through the Dixie National Forest, turn right on Scenic Byway 12 and right again on SR 63 to reach Bryce Canyon.

Best stops between Los Angeles and Zion National Park

For those who appreciate the elegance of desert travel, there’s too much to see in a day on this itinerary – you’ll certainly consider booking a hotel and studying at your own pace. Here are a few stations worth considering:

Comfortable holiday in a Death Valley Hotel

Despite its reputation as one of the hottest places in the world (and almost certainly the hottest in America), there are several incredibly luxurious resorts where you feel like you’re in an oasis. In this context, the Death Valley Inn is the best option.

If you ever wonder where the rich and famous holidays are, this is historically one of the biggest! It goes without saying that the rooms are spotless and that all the amenities you can imagine in the hotel are available – sauna, fitness centre, golf and tennis courts, parks with real green in the middle of the desert and much more.

Death Valley with a picturesque view of the mountain behind
This night view of Death Valley makes you want to stay here longer.


A breathtaking view from the huge pool to the sunset in Death Valley should be enough to convince you to stay at this hotel. You can do it all here – spend a romantic evening by the pool and fireplace, enjoy a delicious American meal in the hotel restaurant and toast to the bar in honour of your best holiday.

The hotel is expensive, as you can imagine, but you can relax in the knowledge that no compromises are made and that everything you endorse is taken into account and much more.

Taking elegance to the next level in Venice (Las Vegas)

Ideally located in the middle of the road and filled to the brim with amazing things, there is virtually no reason not to spend at least one night in Las Vegas. Things can’t go wrong in any hotel in town, but the Venetians are a serious contender for the best in town.

This hotel will make you forget you are on the Las Vegas Strip, thanks to its special Venetian theme. In addition to the breathtaking furniture and architecture, you can step aboard the indoor or outdoor gondola and teleport yourself to Southern Europe for a few wonderful minutes.

From extravagant bars and dining rooms to state-of-the-art spas, swimming pools and fitness centres, this hotel has it all. If all this doesn’t make you feel like a royal family, just order first class food in your beautiful luxury room.

Las Vegas is proud of its nightlife and the possibilities of the hotel are endless. If you’re lucky, go to the casino and play a game or choose something more casual and discover the Grand Canal shopping centre with its 150 shops.

If you’re not a big gambler and you don’t make impulse purchases, your stay in Venetian will be much less expensive than you think – although it’s certainly an expensive treat, you’ll really be worth your money.

Places of interest on the road from Los Angeles to Zion National Park

The Seven Magic Mountains are seven rocks piling up in the desert of Las Vegas.
The seven Magic Mountains in the desert of Las Vegas are a spectacle so spectacular that it cannot be missed.

Charles Rumalevang/Shutterstock.com

Zion National Park alone can take a few days to be fully explored, but there is no shortage of great places that deserve your full attention on this route. If you have the time and opportunity, you should definitely consider spending at least a week, if not more, on this road. Here is a relatively complete list of places to look:

  1. Death Valley National Park – With peaks above 10,000 feet and the Dam Basin, the lowest point in North America, the park’s reputation precedes it.
  2. Mojave National Park – is a beautiful reserve with sand dunes, extinct volcanoes and Joshua trees.
  3. Seven Magic Mountains – An art installation designed to bring colour to the vast areas of the Nevada Desert.
  4. Sloan Canyon National Park – is a habitat of wild flowers and rugged, rocky terrain, you will find numerous petroglyphs scattered throughout this protected area.
  5. Red Rock Canyon National Park – is characterized by the characteristic red rock and is very popular with hikers and climbers.
  6. Las Vegas – International Moloch in the field of entertainment, nightlife, art scene and of course gambling.
  7. Lake Mead – The hundreds of kilometres of coastline are ideal for recreation and make you forget you are in the desert.
  8. Valley of Fire State Park is the birthplace of Aztec sandstone, which seems to burn when the hard rays of the sun fall on it.
  9. Grand Canyon-Parantine National Monument – outside, remote part of the Grand Canyon, no roads or crowds, this monument is as remote as possible.
  10. Red Cliffs National Nature Conservation Zone – with two wildlife zones and over a hundred miles of footpaths, this zone is a nature lover’s dream.
  11. State ParkSandy Hollow – Beautiful red rocks and red sandy beaches are the striking features of this park. The crystal clear water tank is ideal for swimming and diving.
  12. State Park Snow Canyon is a unique park, ideal for hiking, famous for its dunes and lava tubes.
  13. Zion Canyon is perhaps the highlight of Zion National Park, a strong candidate for the most beautiful part of the route.
  14. Dixie National Forest – This vast forest is known for its colourful rocks, alpine forests and numerous recreational opportunities.
  15. Bryce Canyon National Park – The eponymous Bryce Canyon is a complex of natural amphitheatres consisting of hoodoo, thin rock ridges found in the desert.

Best time to travel from Los Angeles to Zion National Park

The best time to travel from Los Angeles to Zion National Park depends on your needs. The park is open to the public all year round, but most visitors come from April to October. Meanwhile, you can take a shuttle trip along Scenic Drive through Zion Canyon.

A picture with a road with grass and some trees in Zion Canyon on a sunny day.
A trip to Zion National Park at the right time of year gives you the opportunity to enjoy the views of the scenic Zion Canyon Road.

Algeyer Photography/Shutterstock.com

A visit to the park in spring certainly has its advantages: the park is beautiful, the weather is warm but not too hot, even though the runoff in spring can make walking more difficult. In addition, areas at higher altitudes (which are numerous) can still be snow-covered, making them inaccessible from the beginning to the middle of spring.

Summer is almost always a great time to visit the national park, and Zion is no exception in many ways – at the top of a breathtaking panorama, the park is buzzing with activity at this time of year. The fact that the temperature in summer (especially in July) can often reach 100 degrees, which makes walking and intensive physical activity difficult, is not appropriate.

In winter there are also advantages – a hike on Scenic Drive in Zion Canyon is only possible by shuttle bus from April to October. Once the shuttles have stopped, you can explore this beautiful route at your own pace in your own car. In winter, however, the temperature often drops below zero degrees at night and many roads are expected to be closed.

During the liquidation process, the best time of year to visit Zion will be autumn, as temperatures and walking conditions are optimal at this time of year. Moreover, the autumn colours give the park a breathtaking view, and although there are still many people, they are less common than in summer.

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