The state of Florida, the Sunshine State is home to a vacation destination for many people. The Orlando-Orlando International Airport (MCO) is located about 20 miles south east from Miami, so you can drive there straight after landing at MCO. This will be an epic journey with sights and sounds along the way that are sure to put your life into perspective.

The “scenic drive from miami to orlando” is a road trip that you can take with your family. The trip will provide you with plenty of time to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Florida.

Road Trip from Miami to Orlando

Consider taking a road trip from Miami to Orlando for a fun-filled weekend. This short but exciting journey offers enough to do and see along the way, and it may be an excellent way to spend a long weekend. And if you have any extra vacation days, what better place to use them than in Disney World?

The 255-mile journey from Miami to Orlando will take you 7 hours to complete. Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas, Boca Raton, Hutchinson Island, West Palm Beach, Cape Canaveral, Everglades National Park, and the Kennedy Space Center are just a few of the highlights.

If a short road trip between two renowned cities seems appealing, stay reading for additional details on the route, when you should travel, and some of the sights you may visit.

Vivid morning light illuminates palm trees and green vegetation On this brief excursion, soak up the beautiful sunshine. Pavone

What is the distance between Orlando and Miami, and how long will the journey take?

The 255-mile journey from Miami to Orlando will take you roughly 7 hours. You could easily accomplish everything in a day, but since there is so much to see and do at every turn, we recommend splitting it up over at least four days.

The journey will take you along Florida’s lovely east coast, via bustling cities and stunning beaches. Take a few days to complete this road trip so you may enjoy each of the amazing sites you travel through.

With a few brief parts of interstate traffic, the trip is primarily on US-1. If you want to go to Orlando fast, you could drive the whole way on interstates, but there will be less to see and do.

Traffic may be a concern in a few locations, most notably when you go through Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton. As you reach Orlando, you may encounter some traffic. The best suggestion is to avoid visiting these locations during rush hour.

The most efficient way from Miami to Orlando

Although your drive from Miami to Orlando will be brief, there will be much to see and do along the route. We’ve devised a fantastic itinerary for you to ensure that you get to see all of the magnificent sights along the way.

For this journey, there are two options. If you need to travel to Orlando fast, the easiest route is to use Interstate 95 before joining the Florida Turnpike.

Palm trees and high rise buildings with blue sea and sky taken from low vantage point Take some time to relax and enjoy Miami before travelling to Orlando. Maltinti

However, since there isn’t much to see and do along the way, we only suggest this route if you’re short on time.

If you have the time, our recommended route will take you along the beautiful Atlantic coast to Cape Canaveral before heading to Orlando to begin your discovery of “The City Beautiful.”

Continue reading to learn more about the route and how to follow it yourself. Remember that you may always change the itinerary if there are certain sights you wish to visit; don’t be scared to add your own suggestions.

Route from Miami to Orlando by car

Join US-1 from downtown Miami. If you want to be closer to the beach, you may take Collins Avenue or South Ocean Drive. Pass through Maurice A. Ferré Park and onto FL-A1A in the direction of Miami Beach. After Dania Beach, continue on FL-A1A and turn right onto US-1.

If you don’t want to take the coastline detour, stay on US-1 until you reach Fort Lauderdale, where you may either stay on US-1 or take the more picturesque State Road A1A. Turn right onto SE-17th St, which will merge into A1A in this scenario.

Past South Beach in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, take A1A. Continue onto Royal Palm Way after turning right onto S Country Rd. To rejoin US-1, continue right over Royal Park Bridge and turn left onto Okeechobee Blvd.

If you want to stop at some of the beaches along the route, use A1A, but US-1 is ideal if you want to get out of town fast.

The US-1 will next take you down the shore, which is significantly less developed. Turn right onto FL-714, then left onto A1A. On Hutchinson Island, take this roadway via Jensen Beach Park.

Turn right onto US-1 after passing Frederick Douglas Memorial Park on the second exit at the roundabout. Continue north via Vero Beach on this route into Cocoa.

Merge onto FL-528 in the right lane. Merge onto FL-417 from Exit 16 in the direction of Orlando. Take Exit 33A for FL-408 using the right two lanes.

To get to your goal, Orlando, keep right and take Exit 11A for FL-15.

White and pastel colored houses, palm trees and cars Ocean Drive is calling.

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A brief stop at Cape Canaveral

Take a detour to Cape Canaveral to view the Kennedy Space Center before heading to Orlando. When you reach Palm Shores, take the FL-404 E Exit and merge onto State Highway 404. Turn left onto FL-A1A towards Cape Canaveral using the left two lanes.

After your excursion to Cape Canaveral, continue on FL-A1A to FL-528 and exit at Exit 16. Following the same routes as before, you will arrive at Orlando.

Between Miami and Orlando, the best locations to stop

Despite the fact that your travel from Miami to Orlando is short, we strongly advise you to spread it out over at least four days. Otherwise, you could feel compelled to view everything.

Below are some of our recommendations for the greatest sites to visit, as well as activities and places to stay.

In Boca Raton, relax on the beach.

Boca Raton is not very far from Miami, but it could be a perfect place for an overnight stop, especially if you stay at the modern, and beautiful, Waterstone Resort & Marina.

This resort will provide you with an excellent example of the laid-back lifestyle that Floridians enjoy. You may watch the sun set on the neighboring harbor from your suite balcony, or take a short stroll down to the beach to feel the sand between your toes.

Five minutes from the resort lies Red Reef Park, a beautiful municipal park and wildlife center. The beach, a popular snorkel reef, and walking paths are all available. You may also have a picnic here if you have the time and enjoy the magnificent environment.

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, which is immediately adjacent to the park, is a terrific place to visit. In this educational facility, which is flanked by beautiful nature trails and a butterfly garden, you may go on a turtle walk or see the hatchlings being released.

After your adventures in the warm Florida sun, relax on the resort’s magnificent sun terrace near the outdoor pool. If you like, you may stroll the short distance to the beach.

It’s good to be able to unwind after a long day in the sun with a refreshing drink. The Waterstone Bar and Grill at the resort has you covered. The restaurant focuses on seafood and uses fresh, local products to create a unique cuisine.

Relax on the Space Coast.

A short detour away from Orlando, Cape Canaveral is the perfect place to take in the gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean. Located minutes away from the beach, Hampton Inn & Suites Cape Canaveral is a great option to rest before reaching your final destination, Orlando.

Exploration Tower is a short walk from the hotel if you wish to take in the panoramic views of the gorgeous Florida sunset. Interactive exhibitions are also available at this architectural landmark.

Bright trail of light through blue sky behind palm trees On the Space Coast, take off. Marr

The Kennedy Space Center is a short drive from Cape Canaveral and a must-see attraction during your visit. This NASA-run spaceport was the site of the Apollo program’s launch operations, and the renowned Lunar Module may be seen here.

After a leisurely stroll down the riverbank at Manatee Sanctuary Park, relax in the hotel’s wonderful outdoor pool’s turquoise waters before heading out to one of the numerous restaurants and bars in the vicinity for a supper.

Orlando’s enchantment may be experienced.

There are many places to stay in Orlando, but Hyatt Regency Orlando is our favorite because of its excellent location and extensive facilities. With its magnificent accommodations, this hotel will be your home away from home while you explore the city.

The world-famous Walt Disney World Resort need little explanation, and it is conveniently situated near the hotel. This complex’s four fantastic theme parks and two water parks will easily keep you occupied for a day or two.

If you’d rather skip the crowds and queues at the attractions, the hotel has two resort pools, a waterslide, and a waterfall in your own private area. After a swim, relax at the spa or dine at one of the hotel’s four luxury restaurants.

As an alternative to theme parks, the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve will enable you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enter the tranquility of nature. You may experience some of the most beautiful walks in Orlando here, which is just a 20-minute drive from the hotel.

Attractions to see on a road trip between Miami and Orlando

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best sights along the route from Miami to Orlando to ensure you get the most out of your vacation. Beautiful national parks to booming cities are among them. This vacation offers something for everyone.

House on stilts in the sea with sea birds perched on top Take this excursion from Miami to Orlando to see the magnificent Biscayne National Park. Blanco

Continue reading to learn about our best sights to visit.

  1. Everglades National Park, Florida – Just a short drive from Miami, this park is a must-see for nature lovers and animal watchers.
  2. Biscayne National Park is closer to Miami than the Everglades, yet it can only be reached by boat. Adventurers who wish to view unspoiled coral reefs and mangroves might visit Biscayne.
  3. Fort Lauderdale’s Bonnet House Museum and Garden – Visit Frederic Bartlett’s wonderfully maintained mansion, which was erected in the 1920s and is now a historic preservation museum.
  4. Red Reef Park in Boca Raton is a beautiful length of shoreline with man-made reefs that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  5. Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton – Located in the city’s cultural hub, this museum has over 4,500 pieces of art.
  6. If you appreciate nature, go to Gumbo Limbo Nature Facility in Boca Raton and take a turtle walk in their informative sea turtle rehabilitation center.
  7. West Palm Beach’s Norton Museum of Art exhibits works by European, American, and Chinese artists, as well as contemporary art and photography.
  8. Downtown West Palm Beach is a vibrant location with a terrific atmosphere, as well as a diverse selection of restaurants and pubs.
  9. Jensen Beach Park, Hutchinson Island – This beach park is a beautiful spot to unwind and rest for a few hours.
  10. Vero Beach’s McKee Botanical Garden – Over 10,000 plants may be found in this beautiful subtropical botanical park.
  11. Manatee Sanctuary Park, Cape Canaveral – Located on the Banana River, this park provides a protected habitat for manatees.
  12. Enjoy panoramic views of Cape Canaveral from the Exploration Tower.
  13. Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island – This NASA-run facility has a variety of exhibits and is a must-see for anybody interested in space or history.
  14. Orlando Scientific Center – Orlando is known for many things, including its amusement parks, but the science center is also a great spot to spend a day.
  15. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is home to four theme parks and two water parks, making it the world’s most visited entertainment complex.
  16. The Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando has three theme parks as well as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  17. Orlando’s Tibet Butler Nature Preserve – This nature preserve is a gorgeous environment center with several mild hiking routes, making it a wildlife sanctuary.

When is the best time to go from Miami to Orlando?

Summer in Orlando will be quite hot, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s important to remember that going during the summer implies that the waits for amusement park attractions will be the longest.

Summer is definitely the ideal season to visit if hot weather and sunlight are important to you. However, if you want things to be a little calmer and maybe cheaper, spring and autumn are excellent choices.

Spring is an excellent time to explore the city. The temperature remains pleasant throughout these months, ranging between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and there are less visitors than during the summer and holidays.

Lifeguard tower on sandy beach with clear blue sky and blue sea You’ll want to plan your journey to take advantage of the miles of beautiful beaches along the route. Demyanenko

Fall is similar to summer. However, major storms from the Caribbean may arrive during this season, so keep that in mind.

Summer is the most costly time to visit Orlando since it is the peak tourist season, which means hotel rates are at their maximum. If you want to get the greatest bargain, travel during the winter.

Because winter is the quietest season, hotel rates and attractions may be lower. The average temperature will be about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so you won’t enjoy the wonderful weather and sunlight that Florida is renowned for.

If you visit Orlando in the winter, you will be able to enjoy the enchantment of the holidays during the Disney World Christmas festivities, which run from November to January.

The “trip to orlando from miami” is a journey that people have been taking for a long time. The trip itself is not difficult, but the planning process can be.

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