A road trip from San Diego to Salt Lake City would be a long and scenic journey. The first day is mostly traveling through desert, with the second day being an overcast mountain drive. On the third and fourth days there are high mountains that offer gorgeous views of snowcapped peaks in Utah. At night on Day 4, you will find yourself staying at a resort near Bryce Canyon National Park which boasts spectacular views as well as geothermal hot springs nearby for some rejuvenating spa time after hiking all day in the sapphire skies above..

The “san diego to salt lake city drive time” is a trip that can be done in about 4 hours. The route from San Diego to Salt Lake City has been mapped out for you, so it’s easy to plan your trip.

California and Utah are lovely places with amazing natural marvels and vibrant cities. Consider the classic road journey from San Diego to Salt Lake City if an adventure across the deserts and mountains of these magnificent states seems appealing.

The distance between San Diego and Salt Lake City is 850 miles, and the journey takes 11 hours (or 16 hours 30, if you take the scenic route). Temecula and Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Bryce Canyon, as well as Zion, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree National Parks, are among the places visited.

If you’re planning a road trip between these two fantastic cities, keep reading to learn about the best routes, where to stay, and what to see along the way.

What is the distance between Salt Lake City and San Diego, and how long will the journey take?

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Route Distance Time to Drive
The shortest way 750 miles 11 minutes and 43 seconds
The path via Joshua Tree National Park 930 miles 16 minutes and 30 seconds

The journey from San Diego to Salt Lake City will take you through parched deserts, red rock canyons, bustling metropolises, and wooded mountains, covering almost 750 miles. The journey will take at least two days, but you should plan on spending five to seven days on it.

Try to take it slowly and spend at least a full day at each of the national parks along the route, as well as some time in Vegas if your schedule permits.

The majority of the driving is done on interstates, making the journey, despite its length, rather straightforward. Depending on whatever route you choose, there are various stretches of highways and rural roads, but these are generally diversions that you can easily plan around.

The path via Joshua Tree National Park is somewhat longer at 930 miles and 16 minutes and 30 seconds drive time. If you are tight on time, stick to the Mojave route and Interstate 15.

The route’s sole significant city is Las Vegas. Avoid going into the city during rush hour, since this is when traffic is at its worst. On the other hand, The Strip’s wealth of activities means you’ll want to include it in your itinerary for the finest possible experience.

Joshua Tree National Park in California with trees in the foreground and boulders in the background. If you wish to go on a longer hike, go to Joshua Tree National Park.

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The best way to go from San Diego to Salt Lake City is via car.

The view during the route from San Diego to Salt Lake City is stunning. If you don’t have time, the faster route may save you a day of traveling, but otherwise, you’ll want to take the detour and see Palm Springs and Joshua Tree.

Route of the Joshua Tree

To get to Temecula, use Interstate 15 north out of San Diego. You’ll merge onto Interstate 215 and continue it to Moreno Valley after resting up here.

Leave the freeway and go south on Route 60 to Beaumont, where you’ll connect with Interstate 10. This will take you to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park in the desert. Detour onto Cottonwood Springs Road to enter the park.

After viewing the park, go back on Interstate 10 and head east until you reach Route 177, which will take you north to Route 62 and then to Vidal Junction.

Join Highway 95 from here to go to the outskirts of Las Vegas. Join Interstate 11, then Interstate 515, and lastly Interstate 15 to go around the city.

For the rest of your travel, you’ll stay on Interstate 15 from Las Vegas. Take Route 169 to Valley of Fire State Park for a little diversion.

After St. George, divert onto Route 17 and then Route 9 to view Zion National Park. Once you’re back on I-15, just continue it to Salt Lake City, traveling through the Fishlake and Manti-la-Sal National Forests.

The quickest path

This itinerary changes up the initial section of the journey if you’d prefer bypass Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. The main difference is that you don’t deviate off Interstate 15, which runs from San Diego to Salt Lake City.

If you wish to explore the Mojave National Preserve more thoroughly, take a diversion on one of the lesser roads, such as Kelbaker Road.

Zion National Park with a beautiful canyon and dramatic rock formations on either side. Along the way, there are some breathtaking sights to see, such as Zion National Park.

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On a road trip from San Diego to Salt Lake City, the best locations to stay are

We recommend breaking up your driving journey from San Diego to Salt Lake City over many nights. Why hurry a vacation that will take you through breathtaking countryside and one of the world’s most renowned cities?

Some of the greatest places to stay along the road are listed here.

Temecula Wine Country is known for its vineyards.

The South Coast Winery Resort and Spa might be your vision of paradise if you appreciate trying local products and superb wine. While it is not far from your starting location in San Diego, it has the potential to be a highlight of your road trip if you give it enough time.

With pastel tones of red, terracotta, and cream dominating the interior décor, the resort seems like it was transplanted from someplace in the Mediterranean.

There is a Jacuzzi bath in each room, as well as a fireplace and tea and coffee-making amenities. The Mediterranean impression is enhanced by gently undulating hills covered in grapes, and some apartments have own balconies from which to enjoy the view.

On-site dining options include the Vineyard Rose Restaurant, which offers breakfast, lunch, and supper. They like combining local foods with their wines to create a wonderful dining experience.

You may keep occupied throughout the day by visiting their spa and wellness center, swimming in the pool, or working out in the fitness facility. On the veranda, you may relax with a drink of wine in the evening.

Vineyard in Temecula, California with the sun setting and the vineyards at the foreground coming into shade. Temecula is a must-see for wine enthusiasts.

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While stopping so early in your trip may seem counterintuitive, there are few resorts along the way that can compare to the South Coast Winery Resort and Spa, which will transport you to the south coast of France for an amazing stay.

Stay in the midst of the action in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is one of the most opulent towns in the world, famous for its gambling and nonstop entertainment. If you want a piece of the action, stay at the Aria Resort & Casino and take advantage of one of Nevada’s top swimming pools.

This resort, located in the heart of Las Vegas, will provide you with a real taste of the city. All of the rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views of the metropolis.

The resort offers all you’d expect from a Las Vegas hotel, plus more; its interior architecture is cutting-edge, making it stand out in a sea of fantastic competition.

In this opulent resort, there are various restaurants to select from, including fine dining venues such as Jean Georges Steakhouse, Carbone, and Bardot Brasserie. If you’re simply looking for a quick snack, there are also more informal options like Din Tai Fung and Posh Burger.

If you grow bored of gaming, there are 62 spa treatment rooms, a workout facility, and three pools to choose from. Assuring that you will not be bored throughout your stay.

A panoramic view of Las Vegas at night showing water fountains and city buildings in the background. The biggest city on the road journey from San Diego to Salt Lake City is Las Vegas.

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On a road journey from San Diego to Salt Lake City, there are many sights to view.

You’ll pass through a variety of stunning sights on your 800-mile journey from San Diego to Salt Lake City. We’ve selected some of the must-see sights to assist you in planning your route and where you wish to stop.

  1. Temecula Wine Country – Although not far from San Diego, this area is well worth a visit if you wish to see some of the region’s gorgeous wineries and vineyards.
  2. Death Valley National Park – As long as you don’t go in the midst of the summer, Death Valley may well be the ultimate desert experience in these sections of the country.
  3. Palm Springs is a stylish, elegant city noted for its opulent resorts, spas, and a plethora of celebrity ambassadors.
  4. Joshua Tree National Park – Visit the Cholla Cactus Gardens, which is one of the region’s most famous national parks.
  5. San Bernardino Mountains – If you choose the Mojave route, you’ll have the opportunity to see the San Bernardino Mountains, which provide several hiking routes and picture opportunities.
  6. The Mojave National Preserve is a weird but magnificent region to explore, with high dunes, Joshua plants, and volcanoes.
  7. Las Vegas – One of the most renowned cities on the globe is right in the center of this route – try your luck at one of the numerous casinos or take a stroll along The Strip.
  8. Red Rock Canyon – Located on the outskirts of Las Vegas, this stunning environment has much to offer outdoor enthusiasts. Check out the red rock formations around dawn or sunset for the greatest views.
  9. Valley of Fire State Area – Another park known for its spectacular red rock topography – the rock formations seem to be on fire if you come early enough in the morning, thus the name.
  10. A little detour will take you to Zion National Park, where you may walk to Angels Landing or into the Narrows.
  11. Bryce Canyon – While not on the official itinerary, add in a day or two to explore this spectacular terrain if you have spare time.
  12. National Forests of Fishlake and Manti-la-Sal – If you’re looking for a change of pace from the desert, go birding or trekking in these gorgeous woodlands.

Red Rock Canyon viewed from a height looking towards the bright red canyons in the distance against a blue sky. At any time of day, Red Rock Canyon offers excellent picture opportunity.

Shutterstock.com/Shackleford Photography

When is the best time to travel from San Diego to Salt Lake City?

The ideal time to travel from San Diego to Salt Lake City is during the summer. Due to the wonderful weather, there will be an increase in visitor numbers, which means that every site along the path will be crowded.

Summer is also peak season for hotel pricing (both in and around Salt Lake City), but if it’s the weather you’re after, don’t let that deter you. If you wish to go on this trip in July or August, be sure you secure a hotel well in advance.

Many sites, including national parks, stay open throughout the year. Some of the parks, such as Zion, may be freezing, but there will be plenty of gorgeous scenery to appreciate if you bring some warm winter clothing.

Winter will be the quietest season in terms of visitor numbers, as well as the cheapest in terms of accommodation rates. Winters in Salt Lake City may be very cold, with temperatures often falling below freezing in December, January, and February.

If the chilly winter weather and summer crowds are too much for you, another alternative is to visit in the autumn or spring. Traveling during the shoulder seasons may help you to strike a balance between all of these elements while also saving money on your hotel room.

The “things to do in salt lake city” is a road trip from San Diego To Salt Lake City. The article includes places for people to visit, things to see, and other information about the destination.

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