If you’re looking for a more relaxing destination than NYC, consider heading to Niagara Falls. It’s just about 4 hours north of the city and it doesn’t require quite as much planning ahead like other destinations. With so many things to do on an average day in Niagara Falls, there is plenty of opportunity for both families and couples!

The journey from Washington DC to Niagara Falls has become a cult classic for many. It’s not hard to see why, as the trip gives you amazing views of some of America’s most breathtaking scenery and offers incredible photo opportunities that will take your breath away. The National Park Service estimates it’ll take about 4 hours in total if you plan on stopping at all the hot spots along the way.

The “road trip to niagara falls from maryland” is a road trip that starts in Washington DC and ends in Niagara Falls. The journey takes about 2 days and will take you through some beautiful places.

Road Trip From Washington DC To Niagara Falls

The mid-Atlantic region is ideal for an exciting experience, and a road trip from Washington, D.C. to Niagara Falls is one of your finest possibilities. You may anticipate to see a number of extremely classic sights along the route, in addition to the lovely ultimate destination.

It takes 7 minutes and 15 seconds to travel 400 miles from Washington, D.C. to Niagara Falls. The towns of Pittsburgh and Buffalo, as well as Presque Isle and Shawnee State Parks, the Finger Lakes, and the Allegheny National Forest, are among the places visited.

There’s a lot to see on this road trip, so make sure you read all the way to the conclusion to find out what to watch out for.

What is the distance between Niagara Falls and Washington, D.C., and how long would the journey take?


Route Distance Time to Drive
The Shortcut 400 miles 7 minutes and 15 seconds
The Pittsburgh Highway 480 miles 7 minutes and 40 seconds

The most direct route from Washington, D.C. to Niagara Falls takes 7 hours and 15 minutes and covers around 400 miles. You could certainly do this journey in a single day, but considering how beautiful the route is, you’d be doing yourself a disservice.

Although there are a few routes to go to Niagara Falls that all take about the same amount of time, this route is by far the quickest while also being the most scenic, passing through Pennsylvania’s biggest and most lush woods.

Another option is to take a more western route that passes via Pittsburgh — the journey should take no more than 7 hours and 30 minutes, and you may still divert to some of the woods from the prior route.

Daytime shot of Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg, Maryland Seneca Creek State Park is one of the most lovely places to visit on your road trip.


Aside from Pittsburgh, this route passes through some beautiful scenery, including a large section of Lake Erie’s southern shore.

The problem with this route is that it would almost certainly land you in one of Pittsburgh’s renowned traffic jams if you visit the city or even attempt to travel beyond the city’s outskirts.

This issue is exacerbated during the holidays by the large number of visitors that utilize the city as a stopover on their trip to Niagara Falls. As you make your way across town, keep an eye on the traffic condition.

The best way to go from Washington, D.C. to Niagara Falls is via car.

There is no apparent “better” route for a road trip from Washington, D.C. to Niagara Falls; both routes have a lot to offer, including some of the same picturesque sights. Consider taking one path to get there and a another route back.

The Shortcut

After crossing the Francis Scott Key Memorial Bridge into Virginia, take the George Washington Memorial Parkway along the Potomac River, and then cross the American Legion Memorial Bridge into Maryland.

Drive through Rock Creek National Park and Seneca Creek State Park on Interstate 495 before merging onto Interstate 270.

Stop at Frederick before getting onto Interstate 70, just before the Monocacy National Battlefields. Before crossing into Pennsylvania, continue via Gambril, Greenbrier, and South Mountain State Parks.

Take Interstate 99 just before Bedford and proceed through Raystown Lake Recreation Area and Rothrock State Forest. Leave the highway at Bald Eagle and go north via Black Moshannon State Park and Moshannon State Forest until you reach Route 219 in Moshannon.

Take this road via Allegheny National Forest and State Park, then exit at Buffalo and merge onto Interstate 190 to reach Niagara Falls.

The Pittsburgh Highway

The initial part of the journey is similar to the previous route; however, after you reach Bedford, keep on Interstate 76 and continue via Shawnee State Park to Pittsburgh. Take Interstate 79 north of town, not far from Bradys Run Park.

Drive between McConnells Mill and Lake Arthur, then to Grove City Memorial Park. You’ll arrive at Erie and Presque Isle State Park not long after going through Maurice K Goddard State Park.

From here, drive Interstate 90 around the lake before transferring to Interstate 190 in Buffalo and continuing to Niagara Falls.

Between Washington, D.C. and Niagara Falls, the best locations to stop are

The Niagara area has plenty of fantastic locations to stay, but depending on your itinerary and how you divide your vacation, the way there may be lacking in terms of luxury accommodations.

As a result, renting a stay at one of the following hotels will undoubtedly improve your vacation:

Take a stroll around the streets of Pittsburgh.

If you’re heading west, make a point of stopping in Pittsburgh; your road trip will be all the better for it. Out of all the wonderful hotels in the area, the Fairmont Pittsburgh boasts by far the most modern interior and the greatest location.

This hotel ensures a pleasant, welcoming stay with rooms that ooze a basic type of elegance and provide fantastic city views. Add in the outstanding concierge service, and you have the nicest hotel in Pittsburgh money can buy.

Sunset over the incline at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh’s gorgeous look sets it apart from the rest of the region’s main cities.


The wonderful on-site bar and restaurants enhance the experience, enabling you to spend an evening in elegance. The Health Club and Spa, which offers massage treatments and a fitness center, is a perfect place to conclude your day after a day of roaming about the city.

Finally, the hotel provides excellent connection; it is ideally situated in downtown Pittsburgh, and renowned sights such as PNC and Point State Parks are within walking distance. Best of all, a room at this hotel will not cost you back a fortune, enabling you to extend your stay.

At Niagara Falls, you’ll be treated like royalty.

Many Niagara fans will tell you that the Canadian portion of the area is much more picturesque than the American version. In light of this, you may wish to take advantage of the Hilton Niagara Falls’ jaw-dropping window views.

The accommodations at this hotel are to die for, combining both flair and substance – the fireplace will keep you toasty no matter the season, and you can enjoy stunning views of the falls from nearly every level.

Aerial view of Niagara Falls, Canada Niagara Falls is a fantastic site to visit whether you’re in Canada or the United States.


Guests will have a choice of three on-site eateries, each more sophisticated than the last, and whatever time they don’t spend outdoors near the falls, they may unwind in the indoor swimming pool before retiring for the night.

Essentially, you’re getting a really gorgeous resort situated only minutes from the IMAX Theater, Fallsview Casino Resort, and the Galleria stores for an extraordinarily generous price (especially more generous when going out of season).

On a road journey from Washington, D.C. to Niagara Falls, there are many sights to view.

Although the end destination is likely to be the highlight of the journey, the route from Washington, D.C. to Niagara Falls is full with sights to see. Here are a few of the most stunning:

  1. Seneca Creek State Park – stretching along Seneca Creek, this park features beautiful hiking trails and the stunning Clopper Lake
  2. Monocacy National Battlefield – this beautiful site also happens to be among the most significant battlefronts of the Civil War
  3. South Mountain State Park – a gorgeous park along the Blue Ridge Mountains, perhaps best known for featuring High Shoals Falls
  4. Catoctin Mountain Park – this park combines lush valleys and the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains into an unforgettable hiking experience
  5. Canoe Creek State Park – courtesy of Canoe Lake and its stunning surroundings, this park is the perfect hub for many water and land-based activities
  6. Allegheny National Forest – a scenic forest featuring lakes, old-growth trees, and the gigantic Kinzua Dam
  7. Allegany State Park – this beautiful, historic park is the natural landmark of choice for New York natives thanks to its gorgeous trails and sweeping mountain views
  8. Buffalo – besides being a major thoroughfare for travelers to Niagara Falls, the eye-catching design and access to Lake Erie make Buffalo a beautiful city in its own right
  9. Finger Lakes – although they’re a bit of a detour when following the routes outlined above, the beauty of these lakes makes them a must-see when traveling in the region
  10. Shawnee State Park – featuring Shawnee Lake, this is one of the best place to swim and fish in the region
  11. Pittsburgh –anyone in the know will tell you that Pittsburgh’s parks, architecture, and overall quality of life make it among the greatest cities in the States
  12. McConnells Mill State Park – one of the region’s premier hiking areas, containing a beautiful (and difficult) stretch of the North Country Trail
  13. Maurice K Goddard State Park – chock-full of things to do no matter the time of year, the park makes for an amazing hunting, canoeing, and ice fishing spot alike
  14. Presque Isle State Park – in light of its unique geology and title of Lake Erie’s very own “peninsula”, this park is a nature lover’s dream come true

Red Lake in Allegany State Park, New York State Although there are many of stunning lakes to see on your journey, Allegany State Park’s Red House Lake is one of the most picturesque.

Shutterstock.com/Zack Frank

When is the best time to go from Washington, D.C. to Niagara Falls?

Given how reliant the area’s tourism is on weather conditions, the optimal time for a road trip from Washington, D.C. to Niagara is simpler to determine than it is for many other vacations.

Summer is the busiest season at Niagara Falls, regardless of whether you stay on the New York or Canada sides. In July and August, temperatures reach about 80 degrees, and the availability of cheap transportation makes getting around a breeze.

With that said, the pleasant weather is a big pull for visitors, so if you want to escape the crowds, go in the early autumn — snow in the fall isn’t unheard of here, but September doesn’t have that issue, and it provides you a beautiful 70 degrees and good hotel rates to deal with.

Daytime view of Niagara Falls, Canada If you want to make the most of your stay at Niagara Falls, you must go boating.


Despite its allure, visiting the Falls in the winter is typically not recommended due to the risk of blizzards. Aside from the scenery, the area has a plethora of excellent wineries to explore, and the Icewine Festival in January attracts a significant number of tourists, especially considering the temperature.

As you would expect, severe weather continues throughout spring, and the border between spring and winter may become fairly unclear on a bad year.

For all intents and purposes, the earliest you should go is late April or early May. It’s also a good time to visit Shaw Theater, where the almost-weekly pyrotechnics are on full show.

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The “where to stop between dc and niagara falls” is a question that has been asked by many. The most popular answer is the Buffalo Niagara Falls International Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I stop between Niagara Falls and Washington DC?

A: If you are looking to spend the night, a great stop would be in Pittsburgh.

Is it easy to drive to Niagara Falls?

A: It is not easy to drive to Niagara Falls. Two hours away by car, or 100 minutes on the train.

Where to stop on the way to Niagara Falls from NYC?

A: Niagara Falls, NY.

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