Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. announced Friday that it will extend its operations in Italy to build a new cruise terminal in Venice, according to a company press release.

The venice ravenna cruise port is a new terminal that will be built by Royal Caribbean. It will allow for more than 1 million passengers to travel through the port each year.

The Royal Caribbean Group, which owns Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, and Silversea, is planning to construct a new cruise port in Ravenna, Italy. The city is situated on the Adriatic coast in northeastern Italy. It’s a great place to launch operations in the eastern Mediterranean, Adriatic Sea, and Western Mediterranean.

The contract to build and manage the innovative new 10,000-square-meter, 27-million-euro cruise port at Porto Corsini, a short drive from Ravenna’s downtown, was given to the firm.

Ravenna Port Authority and Royal Caribbean have formed a partnership.

The tender for the construction of a new terminal facility in Ravenna is the first step for Royal Caribbean, VSL Club SpA, and the Ravenna port authority to manage and develop the city’s port sector.

The collaboration aims to create a new terminal building, a Park of Dunes green space project, 12 hectares of landscaping, tourist and resident recreational spaces, and an emphasis on making the whole region sustainable. The new terminal will also have shore-power capabilities, allowing ships to switch off their engines while in port.

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With the detrimental effect of big cruise ships in Venice, as well as the unfavorable public image of cruising, the sector has been looking for fresh projects. When Ravenna is finished in 2024, it will be well equipped to serve as a cruise liner homeport.

Despite being just 140 kilometers from Venice, the ancient city may still be visited as a pre- or post-cruise experience or as a port of call on a cruise. Various major ports within close reach of the new terminal facility include Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia, Kotor in Montenegro, the Greek Islands, and other Italian ports.

The number of passengers traveling through the terminal is projected to grow to 300.000 per year, making it not just a profitable investment for the Royal Caribbean Group. The terminal will be able to provide substantial job possibilities for locals, with estimates ranging from 100 to 200 persons employed during homeporting activities.

Royal Caribbean anticipates a strong rebound in tourism.

The Royal Caribbean company is well-known for investing in and developing areas where they think cruising may make a big comeback this year and in the years ahead. Despite the fact that the majority of cruise ships are now operating, the sector is likely to take some time to recover to pre-pandemic levels. Royal Caribbean thinks that substantial growth will be achievable with investments like those in Ravenna:

“We are thrilled to be working with the Ravenna Port Authority on this innovative project that will revitalize Ravenna and usher in a new age of sailing in the area. Royal Caribbean has put together a world-class team dedicated to providing a high-quality experience via sustainable development while embracing the region’s outstanding natural beauty and friendly hospitality.” Royal Caribbean Group’s vice president of destination development, Joshua Carroll, said.

Port RavennaPort Ravenna is credited with this image.

Daniele Rossi, head of the Ravenna Port Authority, stated this week during a news conference in Ravenna:

“The fact that a major international cruise line like Royal Caribbean Group has chosen to invest in our port sends a strong signal to the whole Ravenna region. In this regard, I’d like to emphasize that the Royal Caribbean Group’s professionalism and dependability are demonstrated, among other things, by the fact that the proposal presented takes the issue of environmental sustainability very seriously and is based on a very thorough analysis of the territorial context in which it will have to be inserted.

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Atelier(s) The new terminal building will be designed by Alfonso Femia and RINA Consulting’s engineering experts. The terminal and walkways will be open to the public while it is not being used by cruise ships. It will also serve as a multipurpose structure, hosting sporting events, artistic and literary performances, and much more.

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