Royal Caribbean International announced it is opting in to a new CDC program that will allow passengers who want to avoid wearing masks while at sea, or on land for several days after arriving. Royal Caribbean began the process of making masks optional back in 2014 but has now taken the next step and opted into this voluntary program as a way to reduce health risks associated with travel related illnesses.

The “will royal caribbean accept rapid covid test” is a question that has been asked for years. Royal Caribbean is making masks optional, opting in to the CDC program.

Royal Caribbean Makes Masks Optional, Opts In to CDC Program

Royal Caribbean announced late Friday evening that they would follow the current version of the CDC’s instructions. Royal will follow the guidelines set out by the program’s “Highly Vaccinated” category, much as Carnival Cruise Line.

When Will The New Policy Take Effect?

freedom of the seas cococay

The Freedom of the Seas docked at CocoCay’s Perfect Day (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

Michael Bayley, the president and CEO of Royal Caribbean, revealed the news on his Facebook page. “Recently, the CDC announced the next phase of recommendations, which are divided into three groups, each with particular requirements depending on vaccination and booster status,” he said.

He said that Royal Caribbean ships will begin operating under the new standards on Friday, February 25, with sailings leaving from the United States.

While the CDC recommends that ships sail with a 95 percent vaccinated crew, Royal Caribbean cruises travel with 100% of the crew “completely vaccinated and boosted when eligible,” according to Bayley. Furthermore, 95% of attendees must be properly vaccinated, with the exception of children under the age of five, who are not eligible.

Guests who have been vaccinated may use face masks as an option.

Face masks will no longer be necessary for vaccinated visitors under the revised regulations. Unvaccinated youngsters, on the other hand, will be required to wear masks while participating in Adventure Ocean youth program events. This is important, according to the executive, since the program involves “babies under 5 [who are] not vaccinated” as well as “a tiny fraction of youngsters 5 to 12 who are not completely vaccinated.”

Full specifics are still being worked out, but he promised that visitors and travel advisers will be informed by February 25.

“Closer to Normal” is a song from the album “Closer to Normal.”

“This is still not ideal,” Bayley acknowledged, “but it’s getting closer to normal and is based on CDC guidelines and our now significant experience dealing with all of this.”

The cruise companies had until February 18th to decide whether or not to join in the CDC’s most recent voluntary program. This was despite the agency’s decision to downgrade its Travel Health Notice from Level 4 (“Very High Risk”) to Level 3 (“High Risk”). The action was hailed as “a start in the correct path in response to this development” by the Cruise Line International Association.

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