Royal Caribbean International has introduced a new, self-service buffet concept to their ships. They hope it will increase customer satisfaction and help them cut back on labor costs through automation.

The “royal caribbean buffet 2022” is a self-service buffet that has returned to Royal Caribbean ships. The return of the self-service buffet will allow for more time spent on the ship, rather than in line waiting for food.

Royal Caribbean International has reverted to self-service buffets on its ships, with some modest changes, bringing them closer to pre-pandemic cruising standards.

The return to self-service was trialled on a few cruise ships in late March, but the shift was made fleet-wide for all sailings leaving on or after April 2, 2022.

Buffets are now self-serve.

The self-service approach to buffets, in which passengers use spoons and tongs to serve themselves, has long been a staple on cruise ships, but it was phased out during the epidemic as part of the toughest hygiene and cleanliness measures.

Instead, staff members were allocated to various serving stations and were responsible for delivering food to guests’ plates as needed.

Self-service is now available again aboard Royal Caribbean ships, and passengers will be able to serve themselves at the famed Windjammer Marketplace buffet and other buffet venues.

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In a statement provided to Cruise Hive, a Royal Caribbean spokesperson said, “On cruises departing on or after April 2, 2022, Royal Caribbean International will bring back self-service dining in guest-favorite venues on board, including the Windjammer Marketplace, Solarium Bistro, and at private destinations.”

However, other buffet adjustments persist, such as single-serving and grab-and-go platters of popular dishes. Salads, fruit platters, cheese plates, beverages, and desserts are all examples of this.

Crew members will continue to prepare single portions and reload the stations for these products, allowing visitors to just pick their meal without having to deal with servingware.

Fruit PlatesMelissa Mayntz contributed to this image.

“Grab-and-go meals and single-serving portions will remain a permanent offering — they have proven to be popular alternatives, and maintaining them is one of our visitors’ top demands,” added the spokesman.

Other cruise companies, such as Carnival Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line, have made similar moves to revert to self-service alternatives, but particular ships may still utilize personnel serving stations as necessary.

The importance of cleanliness cannot be overstated.

While the switch to a crew-served buffet was made to limit the danger of disease transmission, returning to self-service does not imply that sanitation standards have been reduced.

At the entryway of the Windjammer Marketplace buffet on Royal Caribbean ships, there are both quick sanitizer and hand-washing facilities. Crew members are stationed at the doors on a regular basis to hand out hand sanitizer and encourage passengers to “washy-washy” as they board the Windjammer.

Soapy Handscourtesy of Arlington County / Flickr

Hand sanitizer dispensers may also be located around the ship at various food service places. Additionally, signage in buffet areas and around the ship encourages passengers to wash and disinfect their hands often and to keep adequate spacing to avoid crowding.

“Food and beverage stations may be operated as self-service at the cruise ship operator’s discretion,” according to the CDC’s cruise operation guidelines, as long as there are physical guides and signage to prevent crowds, physical distancing is promoted, and hand sanitizer and hand washing stations are available.

Royal Caribbean International joined the CDC’s voluntary operating standards earlier this year, and the rules have been changed as needed as the number of cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities globally has decreased.

The CDC recently removed its travel warning for cruise ships, though the operational guidelines remain in place and cruise ships are still color-coded to indicate the presence of COVID-19 cases.

Windjammer Buffet on Odyssey of the Seas

The “Royal Caribbean Buffets” are returning to Royal Caribbean ships. The self-service buffets will be available for guests on the aft and forward decks of all ships in the fleet. Reference: royal caribbean buffet hours.

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