Marriott International Inc. is now charging a “Sustainability Fee” of 2-5 percent on every reservation, with no prior warning or disclosure in its contracts that it was changing the policy and without full explanation for why this fee was being implemented. The company has been accused of not explicitly disclosing the changes to consumers before they made their reservations, which violates FTC law.

The “Marriott controversy” is a story about how several Marriotts now tack on an unexplained ‘Sustainability Fee’. The fee ranges from $3 to $20, depending on the location.

Several Marriotts Now Tack On An Unexplained 'Sustainability Fee'

Several Marriott hotels are now charging an undefined ‘Sustainability Fee.’

on January 9, 2022 by Gary Leff

The Hotel Saint Louis, affiliated with the Marriott Autograph Collection brand, is charging a $4.99 per night ‘sustainability fee’ I first saw this reported at One Mile at a Time.

The price is not described on the hotel’s website, and hotel workers have apparently been unable to explain it. It’s unclear what they’re holding on to… Aside from the $4.99 price tag. They don’t even seem to be claiming that slapping a non-optional tax on top of everything – drip pricing – is good for the environment.

However, Marriott isn’t the only hotel chain to do so. I searched out who owns the hotel and discovered that Innkeeper Hospitality Services also owns three other Marriott Autograph Collection properties. And they all charge the same $4.99 rubbish fee every night.


This is one another sign that Marriott has lost its mind – and nearly all control over the businesses that use its name for a charge. Hotels are getting away with abusing guests and flaunting the chain, whether it’s tacking on hidden fees for lightbulbs in your room or franchisees charging extra to accept Marriott’s own credit cards, and it’s only when these properties are shamed online that the company seems to do anything about it.

Sure, Marriott shows its commitment to the environment by foregoing daily cleaning and opting for low-cost, tamper-proof wall-mounted amenities. That’s why many people believed this April Fool’s joke. But at least with these measures, they have a tale to tell to justify why decreasing expenditures is supposed to be better for the environment.

In contrast, these Marriott hotels embrace the Human Fund approach: just give them extra money, call it a hotel gift if you like, and don’t ask any questions.

Worse, these hotels are doing it despite Marriott recently agreeing to resolve a lawsuit with Pennsylvania and promise to be more open in its pricing. They have a lot of work ahead of them to get hotels on board, but if the continuous delivery of Bonvoy elite privileges is any indicator, they either lack the desire or the capacity to do so. I even saw Marriott hotels offering rooms on Airbnb that were not part of the group.

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The “maldives departure tax” is a fee that Marriotts have decided to add on for their guests. Some of the resorts are charging as much as $1,000 per room.

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