St. Maarten, a Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles that is often referred to as “the most Dutch place outside of Holland,” has been dealing with record tourism for years now. In order to keep this up and make sure things continue moving smoothly, St. Maarten’s government is working hard with cruise lines to program their routes around its geography—and is doing so by using blockchain technology

St. Maarten is working with cruise lines to make sure that ship visits continue in the future. Read more in detail here: travel restrictions for cruises.

St. Maarten Working With Cruise Lines to Make Sure Ship Visits Continue

Several cruise ports are re-evaluating their admission criteria in light of the current Omicron concerns. Although health agreements with ports of call exist to assist ports and cruise ships on how to deal with rising COVID-19 cases aboard, it seems that these agreements are no longer appropriate.

St. Maarten is one port of call that is attempting to resolve the present problem. The Dutch Caribbean island claims it is actively collaborating with cruise partners to develop a viable recipe. Nonetheless, due to additional testing requirements, one cruise company has already canceled a stop to the island.

St. Maarten is taken aback by the CDC’s decision.

The cruise sector is experiencing tremendous problems as a result of Omicron. At the same time, several cruise destinations, including St. Maarten, were taken aback by the CDC’s decision to upgrade the travel health warning for cruises to level four.

With low infection rates aboard and cases proving to be mild or asymptomatic, the CDC’s conclusion can only be described as odd. All of this is despite the fact that cruise companies have previously taken considerable steps to fight and manage any positive instances aboard.

Cruise Ships in St.

Making a well-thought-out strategy to keep the cruise business afloat while coping with the Omicron variety seems to be practically impossible so far. Multiple places and countries have recently begun to impose their own laws, making cruising more difficult:

“As a cruise port and destination, we have been constantly watching events, and now we see the CDC has escalated the issue, urging tourists not to take a cruise,” says Alexander Gumbs, CEO of the St. Maarten port. The situation is currently quite fluid, since regional sites have varying levels of increased public health measures, making confirmed cruise itineraries very difficult for cruise firms to prepare.”

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St. Maarten Cruise ShipsPort St. Maarten is credited with this image.

St. Maarten is working with the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) to develop a new cruise committee that will map the way forward and halt haphazard implementations of docking requirements:

“You also have certain locations that take a long time to decide whether a cruise ship should dock, and the worst is when a ship arrives in port and is told that passengers and staff will not be allowed to disembark.” This has a detrimental impact on the cruise destination.”

On December 30, more than 100 CEOs, port directors, and government officials gathered for an emergency conference called by the FCCA and endorsed by Cruise Lines International (CLIA). This is very crucial for St. Maarten. Approximately half a million cruise passengers are scheduled to visit the island in the first three months of the new year.

St. Maarten is reviewing its health protocols, while Carnival has canceled its visit.

Although the port CEO’s statements seem to be upbeat, there may be some roadblocks along the way. The island is currently reviewing its health procedures and determining how to make tourism viable:

“We have established a local cruise work group and are closely working with cruise industry partners to carry out a working formula that we can incorporate to navigate through these new challenges in a manner that will safeguard public health safety and our continued economic recovery,” TEATT Minister Hon. Roger Lawrence said on Thursday.

The Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport & Telecommunications (Minister of TEATT) Hon. Roger LawrenceHon. Roger Lawrence, Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation, and Telecommunications (TEATT) (Photo Courtesy: St. Maarten Port)

Furthermore, it seems that St. Maarten has now established its own testing criteria, which the port CEO had previously questioned. Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy sent a letter to passengers on cruises that included stops in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and St. Maarten, addressing the ports’ recent changes:

“At order to debark in each destination, officials in Puerto Rico and St. Maarten have established new and unexpected laws requiring cruise passengers to be tested for COVID. This is in violation of our existing agreements, and although local authorities acknowledge this, they will not change their minds in light of the Omicron variation.”

It remains to be seen if St. Maarten and the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) can reach an agreement that is acceptable to cruise lines, major cruise ports of call, and local governments. The truth is that the deal must be in place as soon as possible if the Caribbean is to prevent thousands of people losing their jobs.

Cruise Ships in St. Maarten

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St. Maarten is working with cruise lines to make sure that ship visits continue. The “greece cruise restrictions” are the reason for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is St Maarten accepting cruise ships?

A: No, unfortunately not. St Maarten is a Dutch island located in the Caribbean sea of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Its also known as Sint Maarten and Saint Martin because it lies on two different islands (Sint-Maartens-Eiland and Saba).

Will cruise ships Return to Normal?

A: It is unknown if the cruise ships will return to normal.

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