The American economy is doing well: the unemployment rates have been steadily declining, the housing market is recovering, and consumer spending is on the rise. This has resulted in an increase in business travel as well as leisure travel. It is also contributing to an increase in the amount of time Americans are spending traveling, which is expected to increase further as the economy continues to improve.

In effect, “Shorter” means more time in the car for summer road trips, but it also means a shift away from the kind of slow-paced vacations that allow people to really get to know a place, and discover how much they like it.

Despite the fact that the average American spends more time inside during the summer, Americans are increasingly choosing to vacation outside of their normal summer season, according to a new study. Perhaps this is because the weather is more comfortable during the winter months, or maybe it is because there are fewer family vacations planned during the summer months. The study found that in 2015, 38% of summer travelers took short trips, which is up from 31% in 2010.. Read more about what is the most popular summer vacation location and let us know what you think.

The 13th annual Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Confidence Index, published recently by Allianz Partners, found that one-third of Americans (34 percent) would take several vacations between July and September, with shorter excursions gaining traction over the typical week or longer vacation.

According to an Ipsos survey of more than 2,000 American people conducted in late May 2021, the average trip duration is four nights, or a “micro-cation,” which is defined by Allianz Partners as a leisure vacation lasting less than five nights.


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According to Allianz’s study, two-thirds of Americans (67%) intend to spend at least one night away from home this summer, with the average number of trips coming in at 1.2 getaways. A vacation is defined as a leisure excursion that takes you away from home for at least 100 miles. Furthermore, almost half of all Americans (44%) want to go away. More than half of enthusiastic travelers (51%) plan to take numerous trips, with 22% planning three or more excursions before the summer ends.

Four out of ten travelers (40%) intend to take four or five excursions each year, with each journey lasting two or less nights away from home. Younger travelers, ages 18 to 34, are the most enthusiastic about the multi-micro-cation trend, with almost half (46 percent) planning two or more trips this year.

In a statement, Daniel Durazo, head of marketing and communications at Allianz Partners USA, said, “Americans are making up for missed time and are planning not just one trip this summer, but multiple’micro-cations.” “We invented the phrase micro-cation before the pandemic, and we’re seeing it come back with a fury this year, with Generation Z and Millennials leading the pack of Americans taking numerous trips.”

“Annual travel insurance covers rental vehicles as well as trip cancellations, interruptions, and delays, luggage problems, and medical situations for individuals intending to travel numerous times this year. Annual travel insurance provides value and simplicity by allowing you to buy coverage for a full year of travel.”

Allianz Partners 13th Annual Vacation Confidence Index The 13th Annual Vacation Confidence Index from Allianz Partners. (Allianz Partners provided the picture)

According to the Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Confidence Index, Americans will spend a total of $153.7 billion on summer vacations in 2021.

Summer is a busy time for the average American. Some choose to spend their time at the beach, others in the mountains, and yet others relaxing on a cruise ship. The truth is, we’re all individuals with different goals when it comes to summer time, and choosing the right type of trip is an important decision. The U.S. is a big place, with many destinations to choose from.. Read more about deloitte press and let us know what you think.

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