If you’ve read our trip with an article about musicals, you know we’ve been in a theatrical mood lately. During the lockdown we couldn’t go to Broadway or enjoy an evening in the West End to see the Tony-winning musical by Lynn Manuel Miranda Hamilton, but thanks to Disney Plus we could enjoy the glitter from home. To make it even more fun, we’ve put together Hamilton quizzes – or rather, Hamilton text quizzes – so you can play together while you watch, or just test your knowledge, Superfan.

Answer the 25 questions about Hamilton’s little things, then click below for answers. Do you know which character warned you that history was watching you, and who was trustworthy among the ladies? Do you know every word of Hamilton’s song? Take the quiz and discover the result!

Cover! Cover! Disney Plus / Disney Plus / Linen Manuel Miranda

Hamilton Quiz: 25 Hamilton liquid quiz Questions

Hamilton quiz for Hamilton's poems Lin Manuel Miranda appears in Disney Plus (Image: Disney© / Disney Plus / Lin Manuel Miranda)

1. What a character, with Hamilton, singing Immigrants, we do the work.

2. Finish the text. In New York you can…

3. Who needs to talk less and smile more?

4. Who’s singing and Peggy?

5. According to King George III, who will he kill to show how much he loves him?

6. What’s harder for George Washington than death?

7. Who wants to involve Angelica in the pursuit of the Declaration of Independence?

8. What state is Thomas Jefferson domiciled in?

9. Who sings who wants to be in the room where it happens?

10. That Alexander and Phillip’s joke is legal in New Jersey?

Below are the questions of the Hamilton quiz:

Hamilton liquid quiz

Hamilton musical quiz in text Jonathan Groff as King George III (Photo: Disney© / Disney Plus / Lin Manuel Miranda)

11. How many years has Eliza lived since Alexander’s death?

12. Fill in these satisfaction holes:

I’m a girl in a world where
My only job is ____
My father has no son, so I’m the only
who has to get up in a
so I’m ___ and ____ and gossip in
New York City secretly
and Alexander ___.

13. What’s the first line of the whole show?

14. Why is Eliza laughing in her impotence at Angelica?

15. Who calls themselves an imitator and an original?

16. How many times has King George III. Yes (yes/yes) to return to you

(a) 56 (b) 94 (c) 102

17. What’s the favorite fighting Frenchman of Americans?

18. What play did Shakespeare Hamilton describe as a Scottish tragedy in his letter to Angelica?

19. What grammatical sign confuses Angelica in the same song?

20. Name the children of Aaron Barr and Alexander Hamilton who will grow up in our young nation?

21. What political mistake did Hamilton really make in Reynolds’ pamphlet, about which Jefferson, Madison and Burr sang?

22. What do they say during the silence in the city centre about what’s easier to do when you’re sitting too deep?

23. How does Alexander relate to his country?

24. In My Shot, Alexander says he imagines death so much that it’s more like…

25. What’s the last line of the whole show?

And that’s it! You tried asking all the questions in our Hamilton text quiz.
Click HERE for answers and summaries. How are you doing?

In the UK, you can subscribe to Disney Plus for £59.99 per month, but other packages are also available. Visit disneyplus.com for more information.

Did you read that nice article about Hamilton in The Guardian?

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