Embark on a trip to the Cayman Islands and you’ll discover a group of islands that attract many vacationers. The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean Sea. The capital of the Cayman Islands is George Town. The main island of Grand Cayman is located on the western side of the Cayman Islands. So, we’re sure, you’re excited to visit the Cayman Islands and know how it will be like.

After decades of being the only cruise stop in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are finally opening for cruise ships again. Guests will be able to take 2-day and overnight cruises in late January 2022. Scheduled departures are expected to begin in March 2022.

The Cayman Islands has announced plans to resume international travel, including the long-awaited return of cruise ships. However, the return of cruises to Grand Cayman may have to wait until late January 2022.

When can cruise ships return to Grand Cayman?

We knew the Cayman Islands would be closed for most of the year, and now this Caribbean destination has detailed its plan to resume international travel, including cruise tourism. The government is considering five phases of reopening, and only when all phases are completed will cruise ships be able to return.

The limited introduction to tourism takes place on the 9th. September 2021, but this does not include cruises. The authorities will evaluate the completed phases on the 27th. January 2022. At that point cruise tourism will be allowed again.

Minister for Tourism and Transport, Rt Hon Kenneth Bryan, said:

Since March 2020, the Cayman Islands has been making a conscious effort to protect its people and visitors. Whether it’s rapid and widespread testing, investment in the Cayman Islands’ workforce or implementing a forward-thinking strategy to restore safe access to our shores for luxury-seeking visitors, the health and safety of our community has been at the heart of every decision.

My government colleagues and I have worked tirelessly to develop this phased approach to opening our borders to international travellers – and we are pleased to announce that the wait for paradise is almost over! Our guests will appreciate the significant changes and improvements we have made to this destination, and it certainly proves that Cayman is worth the wait.

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George Town, Grand Cayman, one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Western Caribbean, has remained closed to cruise ships since the pandemic began in the spring of 2020. In early 2021, Premier Alden McLaughlin said it was unlikely that cruise ships would return before 2022:

Right now, Cruise is not on our radar at all. We need to be sure that the world is in a totally different state in terms of security than COVID-19 before we consider the possibility of cruise ships coming here. Frankly, I don’t see cruise tourism picking up until next year.

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Five-stage recovery

  • Phase 1: Shortened quarantine period | June 2021
    The Cayman Islands have currently shortened the quarantine period and relaxed other travel restrictions. Fully vaccinated and reliably screened travelers are subject to a mandatory five-day quarantine; unvaccinated travelers must undergo a 14-day isolation period.
  • Phase 2: Relaxation of restrictions on return 9. August 2021
    During this phase, additional travel restrictions will be relaxed, including the elimination of GPS monitoring. All local businesses must adhere to advanced safety protocols developed by regulatory agencies and Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) guidelines. All travelers will continue to apply for entry permits through the Travel Cayman portal.
  • Phase Three: Limited access for tourists | 9. September 2021
    At this stage, provided that an 80% vaccination coverage rate is achieved on the island, limited access will be allowed to tourists with reliable proof of vaccination status. It is forbidden to drive during this phase. All travelers continue to request access through Travel Cayman’s portal.
  • Phase 4: Reduction of quarantine restrictions | 14. October 2021
    Quarantine requirements are lifted for all travelers who have been reliably screened and fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated visitors must apply for entry through Travel Cayman and be quarantined upon arrival within 14 days. In addition, all travelers must indicate their travel and vaccination status on the Travel Cayman portal.
  • Phase 5: Travel for unvaccinated children | 18 Nov 2021
    Although cruise tourism remains prohibited for the time being, unvaccinated children (under 12 years of age) can now travel with vaccinated adult tourists; no quarantine period is required for children. Unvaccinated visitors over the age of 12 must spend 14 days in quarantine.
  • Welcome Back – Evaluation 27. January 2022
    Once the country has passed all five phases, and after careful evaluation by government and health officials, the Cayman Islands will celebrate its grand opening by welcoming all travelers without quarantine or travel restrictions. Cruise tourism can be resumed at that time.

Several Caribbean islands have already reopened to cruise ships, as well as islands privately owned by cruise lines and the Bahamas. Each destination has its own requirements and plans to keep visitors coming back. A planned visit to Bimini on the Carnival Horizon’s maiden voyage back was cancelled last week due to increased illness.

Cayman is reluctant to reopen, but hopefully things will improve with the start of 2022 and the first cruise ships will be able to call at Grand Cayman again in late January.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grand Cayman open to cruise ships?

Yes, Grand Cayman is open to cruise ships.

Is Grand Cayman Open 2021?

Grand Cayman is open for business in 2021.

Is the Cayman Islands Open for Tourists?

The Cayman Islands are open for tourists.

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