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Royal Caribbean yesterday announced new ports of call for two of its cruise lines. In two separate announcements, Celebrity Cruises will sail from the Dutch island of St. Moritz. Maarten in the Caribbean, while Royal Caribbean will depart from the Bahamas.

This news follows the announcement of Crystal cruises, which will also depart from the Bahamas.

The cruise lines then seem to think that we can travel safely. The decision to designate home ports outside the United States is seen as a power play, as the cruise industry has traditionally been a major contributor to the U.S. economy and to Florida in particular.

As Cruise Hive reported yesterday, the mayor of Miami-Dade is really trying to stimulate and bring back the industry.

Why is this happening?

The cruise industry has taken one hit after another over the past 12 months. The cruise lines introduced the voluntary stop last year as a sign of goodwill.

Yet, despite the huge contribution the cruise industry has historically made to the U.S. economy, there seems to be little incentive for the CDC to embrace cruises quickly.

This is in stark contrast to many other countries who are actively trying to reintroduce sailing within their borders, aware of the financial implications of failing to do so.

Photo credits: Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock.com

Britain, Italy, Spain, Israel, Singapore, the Bahamas and St. Kitts and Nevis. The ships were enthusiastically welcomed on St. Maarten. With severe disabilities, we might add. Courts are required to perform at least one PCR test and, in some cases, to fully vaccinate clients.

Also read : MSC Cruises is launching a series of cruises in the UK from May.

But the countries are letting the ships sail, acknowledging that the results of the last few months aboard ships from Royal Caribbean, Dream Cruises, MSC, Costa, TUI, etc., show that cruising is safe for now. The CDC seems to dismiss this.

Is it permanent?

The relocation of US ports will not be permanent. We may assume that the ships will return to the United States at the first opportunity. The infrastructure that exists in the United States cannot be replicated elsewhere, at least not in a few months.

However, the CDC seems to have missed the opportunity to set the right tone for the cruise. At this point, they are behind the times. The CDC could and should have taken an active and leading role in returning the cruisers to COWID.

This would ensure that cruise ships operate in accordance with US policy. While nowadays all cruise lines have their own policies. So the CDC missed a big opportunity.

So where can we go?

Several cruise lines have announced various calls in the Caribbean and other regions, including Europe, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Things are looking good these days for Americans looking to take a cruise this summer:

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises will resume operations with the cruise ship Celebrity Millennium. The ship will dock in the popular Eastern Caribbean port of St. John’s. St. Maarten. There are two different Celebrity Millennium itineraries in the Caribbean.

The weekly itinerary includes stops in Aruba, Curacao and Barbados. Another itinerary includes visits to Tortola, St. Lucia and Barbados. For more information on famous cruises from St. Petersburg, please visit For more information on St. Maarten, please click here.

Caribbean Royal

Royal Caribbean returns with Caribbean cruises starting in June! The Adventure of the Seas will depart from Nassau, Bahamas, and will offer 7 overnight cruises.

From 5. In June, Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship has two free days on the private island of Perfect Day in CocoCay, the opportunity to explore Grand Bahama and visit Cozumel in Mexico. More information here!

Cruise crystals

Crystal Cruises’ Bahamas Scenic Cruise is offered on the luxury cruise ship Crystal Serenity, which sails from July to October.

The seven overnight cruises will call at two ports, Nassau and Bimini, leaving a choice for those who want to spend the night in the United States. The line also offers special packages for air travel. More information can be found here.

We could see more cruise lines running the same operations from different ports in the Caribbean. MSC and Royal Caribbean have been linked to Cozumel in recent weeks, while Barbados has always been a popular home port for many smaller cruise lines. If this trend continues, the wait may be over!

Main photo credit: Ruth Peterkin / Shutterstock.com

frequently asked questions

What is the future of the cruise industry?

By 2020, many older ships will have been withdrawn from the world fleet to make way for new, innovative and efficient equipment. Sixteen new seagoing vessels are expected to join CLIA member companies in 2021, bringing the total number of CLIA member seagoing vessels to 270 by the end of 2021.

Are you searched during a cruise?

All checked baggage on cruise ships is scanned. Passengers have to pass through a detector at the airport, but are not allowed to remove their shoes; they are digitally photographed.

Is the cruise industry growing?

Cruises were until recently the fastest growing sector of the travel industry. Over the past five years, demand has increased by 20.5%. Statistics show that about 26.7 million people opted for a cruise in 2017, followed by 28.5 million in 2018 and an estimated 32 million in 2020 1.

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