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As more and more travelers are leaving their homes in search of a truly amazing trip, it is no surprise that there are many places that struggle to keep up with the demand. However, there are some destinations that have managed to piece themselves back together after suffering from a disaster. One such area is the Hawaiian island of Kauai, which was hit by a devastating tsunami in 2010. Since that time there has been a concerted effort to bring the economy back to life, and this has resulted in a beautiful collection of new hotels and restaurants that are unlike anything that has ever existed.

There are many people who travel to escape their everyday lives, and who can blame them? Travel can be a way to escape from the drama of your normal life, and it can make you see the world in a new way. This is why people feel so strongly about travel. However, we all know that travel can take a toll on you, because there are people who travel who come back home and experience problems.  Recovery isn’t easy, but it is possible.  Finding the path for the recovery is the hardest part, but if you’re willing to find it, you can get through it. Written by   Stephanie Our Bible Passage is found in John 8:1-11, and it is titled ”

Last week, the World Travel & Tourism Council hosted a special session on destination recovery, moderated by Jacqueline Gifford, editor of Travel + Leisure, and special guests from Google, Brand USA, Visit California and others.

A session entitled Rebooting, Adapting and Thriving: The Road to Recovery for Destinations, analyzed the key issues that domestic destinations must focus on first, such as promoting domestic travel security before the country can welcome international travelers again.


She also discussed the major trends in the current tourism industry and the role technology will play in predicting these trends.

Growth in domestic tourism is a general trend in all countries.

Current trend

Muzzammil Ahoussein, Executive Vice President of Consumer Travel at Seera, said of his country, Saudi Arabia: Even during the blockchain period, there was no more travel, but customers continued to engage with us and we continued to offer inspirational content, and we used our platforms to offer travel locations, and that’s when, especially in Saudi Arabia, the domestic market really opened up.

This trend is spreading to the United States, but some travelers are reluctant to travel within the country. Even some locals are concerned about the resumption of tourism in their towns and villages.

Once these destinations are deemed safe by the relevant authorities, safety awareness will be the most important thing the tourism industry can do now to promote domestic tourism.

I think as we go through the pandemic and the vaccine spreads across the country and the world, we have a great opportunity to focus on building trust – trust among ourselves, trust among our colleagues…, said Christopher Thompson, president and CEO of Brand USA. When the pandemic became a reality, our urban centers were hit the hardest.

It will take transparency, communication and time to restore trust. Many panelists cited vaccination as the main reason for resuming international travel, but domestic travel should resume first to give the industry time to prepare for international travel, Thompson warned.

Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California, expects California to be the most prominent state of the fortnight. June is reopened to show Californians that domestic travel is safe and possible: We really do rely on our Californians …. This is a tool we can use to shorten recovery time….. By creating the Respect California campaign, Visit California was able to publicize the restrictions and requirements that vary from county to county so that travelers can safely and respectfully travel throughout the state.

Another important global travel trend is the importance of sustainable travel.

PHOTO: Sphere on the moss in the forest. (RomoloTavani/ iStock/Getty Images Plus)

During the pandemic, we saw that what we do affects the world we live in, and travelers will certainly be more inclined to go green, whether it’s choosing more carbon-neutral airlines, staying at eco-friendly resorts and hotels, or participating in tours or experiences that have a direct and positive impact on local communities.

This trend could affect the travel industry in a variety of ways, from asking executives to rethink the frequency of their business trips by plane to tracking their carbon footprint and rethinking how hotels interact with local communities.

Gilda Perez-Alvarado, global executive director of JLL Hotels & Hospitality, said that before the pandemic we were all very focused on infrastructure, but that focus has now changed. After the pandemic, it’s all about the future viability of the business…. Our clients all want to talk about the sustainability of their businesses in the future, which has many implications, from social issues ….. to actual investment in infrastructure, etc.

There is hope for the future, although small steps need to be taken to rebuild the tourism industry. But at this point, communication is the key. Rob Torres, general manager of travel at Google, cited a few key statistics: Our recent survey shows that one in three American consumers plan to take a vacation in July, and I think that’s a good sign for all of us.

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