Welcome to the country music quiz! Do you know your checkered shirts, dusty boots, broken hearts and unpronounceable words? Does your best country music playlist always repeat itself? Do you know Kenny Chesney from Kenny Rogers from Kenny Nash… Whatever your sound, you can’t deny that some of the best country songs are among the best right now, but do you know your favourite genre? Play the country music quiz now with 35 questions and discover the result!

We divided our last country music quiz into three steps: Light, medium and heavy! Can you go as far as question 35 and win first place in the country music quiz? Click on the answers at the end of each round and tweet us how you did it.

Country Music Final Quiz: First round (light)

It’s Easy’s turn, let’s go!

1 : Nashville, an American city known as the cradle of country music, has a nickname?

2 : What talent show did Carrie Underwood win on American television?

3 : Connie Britton plays the Nashville character

4 : What pop star is Blake Shelton engaged to?

5 : What’s the name of the Dolly Parton amusement park?

6 : What was the name of Johnny Cash?

7. The CMA (Country Music Awards) is the longest annual television music award, TRUE or FALSE.

8 : Finish the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s love story – That you’re Romeo, that you throw stones / And my dad said

9 : Call the Johnny Cash Biopic 2005 with Joaquin Phoenix and Rhys Witherspoon as June Carter.

10. Dixie chicks changed their name to what in 2020?

11. Darius Rucker was the front man of which multi-platinum rock band before he became a country star?

12. Keith Whitley won first place in the Billboard Hot Country Singles Charts in 1988, but which Irish pop singer won first place in the UK ten years later?

You’ve reached the end of the country music quiz, cowboy!

Click HERE to see how to proceed or scroll down to find the second round, a country music quiz complex enough to answer the questions.

Have you ever been to Nashville, Tennessee? Read our city guide

Country Music Quiz: Second round (MEDIUM)

Country Music Quiz Country Music Star Brad Paisley (Photo: Craig O’Neill)

1 : Who’s Miley Cyrus’s godmother?
Reba McEntire
B Shania Twain
Colly Parton.

2 Who is the best-selling land artist of all time?
Dolly Parton
B Garth Brooks
C Kenny Rogers

3 : Of the men who don’t impress Shania Twain, how many can you name?

4. Eric Church’s nickname is also the name of his third album – it’s him:
A Chief
B Boss
C Man…

5 : Who is the most successful artist of all time at the Country Music Awards (CMA)?

6 : Which artist has received the most CMA awards?

7 : Which country singer is on the first Taylor Swift single?

9 : The Grand Ole Opry is a large country music centre, what city is it in?

10 : Golden Hour won the album of the year 2019 in the Grammy category, for which singer?

11 : Who is considered the first country singer and the father of country music?

You have reached the end of the MEDIUM series of the country music quiz. A little more complicated, but a few options to help you.

Click HERE to see how you did or continued the hard tour:

Country Music Quiz: Third cycle (HARD)

Quiz Country Music Quiz Grand Ole Ole Opry. (Photo: Mark Stevenson)

It’s an overview of the country music experts! Are you ready? Come on, let’s go:

1 : Since when has platinum been certified in the US by Shania Twain?
B 20
C 30

2 : What was the name of Garth Brooks’ Australian alter ego in the late ’90s?

3 : How many countries have chicks?

4 : Man Blues, Silver Wings and Going Where the Lonely Go are all songs by which great artist?

5 : Which Dolly Parton song (the first in the country in 1984) starts with about 30 seconds of iodine?

6 : Which country musician, who played in Buddy Holly’s band, gave him a seat on the plane of the Big Bopper who died in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and Richie Valens?

7 : Which American singer-songwriter, born and raised in Arkansas, was the first female country artist to sell a million records?

8 : How old was Dolly Parton in 2020?

9 : Who was the first black singer to appear on the Grand Ole Opry?

10 : Which country music star died at first. January 1953 in the backseat of a car?

And that’s it! You’ve reached the end of the country music quiz!

Click HERE to see how you did in the third round and add up your total score. Are you celebrating your golden hour or singing the blues?


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