While most of us would agree that the industry shutdown is depressing at best and a nightmare at worst, one couple proves that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Because if they hadn’t spent two months on a cruise ship, they probably never would have met – let alone fallen in love.

It was love at first sight

Normally, Bethany Suthers and Max Vakulic probably wouldn’t have had much reason to hang out with each other, despite the fact that they both helped open Marella last spring. After all, he was a bartender and she was in the entertainment industry, their paths didn’t cross very often.

Marella Discovery

Until, in fact, the world goes mad. As the cruise industry began to close, passengers left the ship on which the future couple worked, leaving the crew stranded, waiting for information on what to do next. We were isolated on the boat and drifting aimlessly in the Caribbean, with occasional announcements because the captain didn’t even know what was going on, Suthers told LADbible.

Vakulich admits that for him it wasn’t just love at first sight, but a turning point in his life. So much so that he remembers every detail. She had a green silk dress, high-heeled shoes, perfectly long hair and a smile with snow-white teeth, he recalls. She laughed and acted with such lightness and grace. …. I never wanted a serious relationship until I saw her.

In their forties they got to know each other better and better and slowly fell in love. We spent most of our time together, Suthers says, watching movies, playing puzzles, talking and doing puzzles.

The couple is engaged and have been since the 26th. February, parents of a brand new girl. I had a seven-month cruise contract, and now I’m getting married and having a baby, so I have a whole new life!

Suthers and Vakulic (photo via Caters News Agency).

A life that might not have been there under other circumstances. I’ve already asked Max if he would talk to me if the passengers were on board, Suthers says, but he just doesn’t know. If we weren’t in a dilemma, we wouldn’t be able to spend so much time getting to know each other.

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