Sightseeing in the historic bathhouse, North Carolina.

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Bad, 50 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and located near Pamlico Sound, is the first united city in North Carolina.  In the 1600s the French Huguenots came from Virginia and founded the first operational port of the state. Its waterfront location has made Bath, NC an ideal place for the fur and tobacco trade….. and the pirates.

North Carolina has close ties to Edward Teach, or as he is known, Blackbeard.

Blackbeard lived in Bath for a short time and his ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, ran aground off the coast of Beaufort, North Carolina.

Throughout the bath you will find stories and artifacts related to Blackbeard.

What you see in the historic bathroom, NC.

The public baths are a strange little community, full of history, which is not only made up of pirates.

It is home to the state’s oldest church and the Palmer Marsh House, a national historical monument.

If you are looking for a day trip to the east of North Carolina, you will not want to miss a historic spa.

Palmer Marsh's house in Bath.

Palmer swamp house

In 1753, Robert Palmer, 28, Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army, sailed from Scotland to Bath and became surveyor general of the colony.

His family’s been living in that house for years. At the beginning of the 19th century. At the end of the 19th century, the house belonged to the Marsh family, who were ship traders from Rhode Island.

This is one of the oldest remaining houses in North Carolina.

It is currently being restored and excursions are possible through the visitor centre.

S Main St, Bath, NC 27808.

John Lawson Country

Lawson arrived in Bath around 1700, leaving behind the most important historical document about the area, the New Journey to Carolina, documenting his journey to North Carolina and the time he spent in and around Bath.

Until his house disappears, you can see where he used to be.

Joseph Bonner's house in Bath.

Joseph Bonner house

In 1830 Joseph Bonner bought the land on which John Lawson’s house once stood and built his own house with a spacious porch overlooking the sun.

It is one of the best preserved examples of early Carolina architecture, with its pine floors, blown glass windows and hand-cut dresses.

The hotel offers guided tours.

200-216 Front St., bathroom, NC 27808

Haus van der Ver

House of the Vir

This house, which once belonged to a famous banker (Jacob Van Der Veer), was built around 1790.

It has a roof to play on and Flemish chimneys with two glued shoulders.

Bath articles

The interior is open to the public and contains information and objects from this period.

207 Carteret Street, Bathroom, NC 27808

Breadhouse in Bane

Gleb House

The Gleb House, built around 1827, belonged to Dr John F. Thompkins in the mid 1800s. Tompkins was an agricultural scientist and the founder of the North Carolina State Fair.

This house is now occupied and is not available for excursions.

St. Thomas Church in Bath

Episcopal Church of St. Thomas

It was consecrated in 1734 and is the oldest church in North Carolina.

The first priest was Garcia (of Spanish origin), who received no salary for the first 4 years, spoke little English and yet baptized 635 people in the first year of the church.

Thomas to Bath.

Important objects in the church include Queen Anne’s bell, cast in 1750 (and rebuilt in 1872), a silver chalice given to Garcia by the Bishop of London in 1738, and a silver candelabra presumably given to Garcia by King George II.

101 Craven Street, Bath, NC 27808.

Edward teaches at Bata

Blackbeard – Necktie in Batu, North Carolina

Blackbeard and his men are known for their regular corruption in Bata. The locals welcomed Blackbeard because his people spent a lot of money there, which was good for everyone.

When he was pardoned by the king, the area around Bath soon became his home.

Although the real house was never found, it would have been behind the water at Bonners’ house in Plum Dot.

Gift shop with treasures for pirates

Souvenir shop with pirate treasures in the historic bath

Part of the house, part of the souvenir shop, this little town is full of treasures.

The Christmas treasure of the pirates.

On the one hand there is a pure Christmas decoration, usually made at home from shells (and with a lot of love).

On the other side of the house there are trinkets on the beach.  You’ll probably fall in love with this shop.

214 Main road, Bath, NC 27808

Historical tour of the bathhouse, North Carolina

La Baignoire is a very small town, and most of La Baignoire’s historic sites are within walking distance. You probably only need a few hours to get a complete overview of the city.

We advise you to take the time during your stay to visit other places that are not very far away by car. Two places we think you’ll like – Little Washington and Aurora.

Tourist attractions that can only be visited outside the historic bathhouses, CN

Little Washington Kai.

Little Washington, North Carolina

A few miles from Bath is North Carolina, a small town called Little Washington. The small town of Washington was established in the 1770s and had several names before it was named after General George Washington.

The small boating town has excellent water restaurants, shops and a lot of antique shops in the centre.

Be sure to pick up a map of the historical route from the Visitor Centre (although it is better to go there than to walk).

March House in Little Washington.

This seaside resort is charming and has its own fascinating history dating back to the war between the states. On Water Street you will find two houses that were built at the end of 1700 and that provided shelter to the federal troops during the war.

You will notice that both houses show signs of struggle, with cannonballs still sticking out of the facade of the houses.

Aurora ferry

Drive west of Bath, NC, and take the ferry to Aurora. The ferry is a good way to get to the other side of the Strait of Pamlico and offers beautiful views.

Make sure you know the schedule of the ferry before you leave, otherwise you may have trouble waiting.

Aurora Museum of Fossils

Once we’re in Aurora, you’ll have nothing to see. The main attraction is the Noorderlicht Fossil Museum. The training center has a collection of GIANT gemstones, minerals and fossils, as well as a really cool room with fluorescent minerals.

Aurora Fossil Cemetery

In front of the main museum there are several fossil parks where you can dig up Miocene fossils.

The museum is free, but if you plan to dig, you must bring a shovel, a sieve and plastic bags (to take your loot home with you).

Keep an eye out for these great sculptures by Krabs on the Move while you’re in Little Washington and Bath.

In 2006 the city of Washington, North Carolina, funded an art project called Crabs on the Move.

Originally, more than two dozen crabs were hung throughout the city, but most were auctioned off for charity.

Some of them are still in public places and we had the pleasure of finding them during our trip.

These are just a few of the things you can do on your trip to the historic city of Bath, North Carolina.

Have you ever visited the historic city of Bath, North Carolina? Is there something you like to do or offer others while you’re there?

Let us know what you think.

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