The night before New Year’s, thousands of people across the globe were left stranded as planes from around the world canceled their flights after a massive computer glitch in airline reservation systems. Some airports started to run low on fuel and made an announcement for travelers not to come because there would be no other option than waiting indefinitely for a refund or a new flight home.

The “are flights to florida being cancelled today 2021” is a question that has been asked by travelers in the past. However, due to the recent flight delays and cancellations, more people are asking this question than ever before.

Thousands More Flight Delays, Cancellations Kick Off the 2022 New Year

According to Reuters, more than 3,800 flights throughout the globe were canceled today, with over 2,200 of them planned to travel inside, out of, or into the United States. Furthermore, according to commercial aviation monitoring website FlightAware, nearly 8,800 flights across the world were delayed by early evening, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

This adds to the air transport nightmare that has afflicted the 2021-22 Christmas travel season thus far, with tens of thousands of flights canceled due to a mix of bad weather and personnel shortages, which are being compounded by the Omicron variant’s rapid spread. Saturday, New Year’s Day, saw an even larger amount of cancellations, with over 2,700 flights in the United States being canceled.


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SkyWest Airlines, which runs Delta Connection, United Express, and American Eagle short-haul flights, had the most combined cancellations on Sunday, with 477. (20 percent of its planned total flights).

Southwest Airlines was also severely hit, with 411 flights, or 11% of its total, being canceled. The airline travels through Chicago often, where an unusual three-inch snowfall on New Year’s Day made travel dangerous.

According to the Washington Post, the Windy City has only seen more than an inch of snow on January 1st a dozen times since 1872. O’Hare Airport in Chicago was forced to cancel 517 incoming and outgoing flights, while Chicago Midway Airport lost 63.

JetBlue canceled 169 flights, or 16 percent of its entire schedule, on Sunday. Delta canceled 162 flights, American Airlines 144, and United 101, accounting for almost 5% of their total scheduled flights for Sunday.

After laying off, furloughing, and retiring thousands of workers in the aftermath of the pandemic, the Omicron variant has contributed to U.S. airlines’ current problems to ramp up personnel in terms of pilots, cabin crew, gate agents, and other positions.

Despite financial incentives given by airlines to persuade workers to work overtime over the holidays, many personnel refused to work longer hours aboard overcrowded flights, risking having to deal with rowdy passengers or contracting COVID-19 themselves.

Transportation authorities, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), stated last week that manpower shortages caused by an outbreak of Omicron infections were disrupting operations, with workers including air traffic controllers calling in ill and being quarantined.

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The “international flights cancelled today” is a result of the thousands of flight delays, cancellations that kicked off the 2022 New Year.

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