Carnival Cruises is restarting three more Carnival cruise ships through July of this year, and the company is a little annoyed that a few people are trying to write articles that give them more news to share. In a statement to the media, Carnival explained that “the industry has been speculating that Carnival would be restarting its fleet, and has confused it with media reports of what is actually a rumor.” The cruiseship companies are now on a schedule of two ships being refurbished and two new ships being built, which is a little more than Carnival Cruises had originally planned.

Carnival’s Dark Harbor, Europa and Spirit of America have completed their 2016 voyages with the company. But that doesn’t mean they’re done cruising.

Carnival has added three more ships to its fleet in the meantime. Carnival Triumph is now in service, and will join the fleet later in July. She will be followed by Carnival Spirit in mid-July, and then Carnival Paradise in late July. The ships are expected to arrive in the United States in January and February, respectively.. Read more about carnival cruise news and let us know what you think.

After the spectacular launch of Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon, it’s time to look forward to what Carnival Cruise Line has planned for the next weeks. The cruise company plans to resume voyages on a number of ships, including the much-anticipated Mardi Gras.

Three ships are set to begin sailings this month, with the rest of the cruise line’s fleet expected to be operational by the end of the summer. We check at each ship individually to see where and when they will be operating again, as well as the restrictions the cruise company has for passengers before they embark.

Carnival Breeze Is Leaving Galveston

Carnival Breeze, the third Carnival Cruise ship to enter service, will set sail on her maiden trip on July 15. On 4-day trips, she will sail from Galveston to Cozumel, and on 5-day journeys, she will sail from Cozumel to Costa Maya.

Carnival Breeze, which was constructed in 2012 and with a capacity of 3,646 people at double occupancy and a gross tonnage of 130,000, is the fifth biggest ship in the Carnival fleet.

Carnival BreezeCarnival Temptation (Photo credit: Truong)

Carnival Breeze will be the third Carnival cruise ship to depart from Texas. Carnival Vista and Carnival Breeze have been at Galveston since the beginning of May, when they were greeted by a huge throng of fans and cruise company officials.

Guests must be fully vaccinated, with the exception of minors under the age of 16, who may join the ship with a negative PCR test. However, passengers who want to cruise with children under the age of 16 must first get authorization from the Carnival Cruise Line, since space is limited.

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Alaska Carnival Miracle Cruise

This summer, Carnival Miracle will make an appearance in Alaska. She will leave Seattle on a series of cruises that will stop in Tracy Arm/Enicott Arm, Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan before returning to Seattle.

Carnival MiracleCarnival Cruise Line provided this image.

Due to a cruise ship embargo in effect in the nation until February 2022, there will be no stops in Canada this season.

The 88,500-ton, 2,680-passenger Carnival Miracle will be relocated to Los Angeles by the end of September. For cruises in Alaska, all passengers will need to get vaccinated.

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Mardi Gras Makes Her First Appearance

The most awaited cruise ship in the world, the Mardi Gras, will make its debut on July 31. The magnificent ship will set sail from its homeport of Port Canaveral on a traditional Carnival Cruise Line itinerary for her first trip.

Her first port of stop with guests will be at San Juan, Puerto Rico, before traveling to Amber Cove, Carnival’s flagship cruise destination. Mardi Gras’ last port of call will be in Nassau, Bahamas.

Carnival Mardi GrasMarc Mayntz contributed to this image.

Mardi Gras is the biggest cruise ship in the Carnival fleet, with a total passenger capacity of 5,282 at double occupancy and 6338 at full capacity. Next year, she will be joined by her sister ship, the Carnival Celebration.

Guests aboard the Mardi Gras cruises to the Caribbean will also need to get vaccinated. All adolescents above the age of 12 must be completely vaccinated by August 1st, according to the cruise company.

On Mardi Gras, Carnival Cruise Line Unveils New Two-In-One Dining Venue

What about the months of July and September?

As part of its phased-in relaunch, Carnival Cruise Line has only revealed which cruise ships would resume service in July and August. Three more ships, the Carnival Magic out of Port Canaveral, the Carnival Sunrise out of Miami, and the Carnival Panorama out of Long Beach, will resume service in August.

We should know shortly which ships will return in September, as well as any procedures that will be in place.

Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival has announced that two more of its cruise ships will be returning to service this summer. With a fleet of 12 ships, Carnival is hauling more than 100,000 passengers on its cruise trips each year. The company is currently expecting to use three of its Carnival Triumph ships during the first half of 2016, which is significantly ahead of the same period last year.. Read more about carnival cancellations 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a carnival in July 2021?

There will be a carnival in July 2021.

Are Carnival cruises Cancelled for 2021?

Carnival Cruise Line has not announced any cancellations for 2021 yet.

Are cruises Cancelled for 2021?

No, cruises are not cancelled for 2021.

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