Travel time: CDC study shows that vaccines prevent both infection and spread of.

Gary Leff at 29. March 2021.

We already know that licensed vaccines are very effective in protecting you from Covid-19, especially in severe cases. Now we have good data that shows they protect others from you as well. In other words, if you are vaccinated, you are not only preventing yourself from getting sick, but also from carrying the virus.

From the New York Times: New CDC research on Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines shows that they prevent transmission and also protect against symptomatic covids.

There is debate about whether vaccinated people can still contract asymptomatic infections and transmit the virus to others. According to a study by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, transmission is extremely unlikely because infections are so rare.

Concerns were also raised that the different options could affect the effectiveness of vaccines. The results of the study do not confirm these fears.

Between December and March, the CDC provided training to vaccinated medical staff, primary care providers, and other key personnel. Study participants received either Pfizer-BioNTech’s or Moderna’s vaccines. They did,

  • 80% efficacy against infection two weeks after the first injection but before the second injection.
  • 90% efficacy against infection two weeks after the second injection.

Someone vaccinated with two injections of the mRNA vaccine is unlikely to have even one asymptomatic case of Covid-19, meaning they are unlikely to contract and spread the virus without feeling ill. In other words: These vaccines are almost as effective against asymptomatic disease as against symptoms in the phase 3 study data.

Some suggest that the study data overestimate the efficacy of vaccines because these studies were conducted before current virus variants were widely available. However, this study, in which participants were tested weekly for Covid-19, took place during the dissemination of the current options.

If you are vaccinated, you can probably travel. You are unlikely to contract or spread the virus. And families with young children are also advised to consider traveling.

Your risk is not zero, but we do things all the time that involve risk, like B. Driving. With a 90% risk reduction, science supports the travel verdict if that’s what you’re looking for.

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