With a series of new international initiatives, Africa is on the rise once again. The world’s tourism industry will be one to benefit from this recent surge in interest and it may even help reverse some of the effects that have pushed African countries into poverty for decades.

Tourism is important to Africa, because it brings in revenue and helps the economy. Tourism has been on the decline since the early 2000s, but it is beginning to bounce back. Read more in detail here: how important is tourism to africa.

Tourism Begins to Bounce Back in Africa

The tourism sector is showing signs of life as visitor numbers to locations continue to climb.

According to ForwardKeys study, a return to normality in Central America and the Caribbean started in 2021, owing to pent-up demand from Americans and Europeans.


Hunger now has a new emphasis, according to FowardKeys: Africa and the Middle East. According to ForwardKeys, the US outbound market might help Africa’s struggling tourist economy recover.

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From January to February 2022, the amount of flight searches from the United States to South Africa increased by 2%, according to the business. For the same time period, the total number of flight searches to South Africa has increased by 30%.

However, in order to be considered a recovery, interest must be turned into reservations.

International arrivals in Africa and the Middle East demonstrate that visitors’ intentions are being translated into arrivals.

International arrivals to Africa were down 33% in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period last year, much above the global outbound average of -45 percent and slightly below the leading recovery area, the Americas (-27 percent).

This is a significant improvement from last year’s number of -64 percent.

Shingai George, an Africa market analyst who evaluated the findings for a presentation at WTM Africa, pointed out a handful of interesting takeaways.

There has been an increase in tourists preferring premium-cabin-class travel and shifting travel reasons, according to George.

“As we’ve seen everywhere across the globe, pent-up demand, the desire for additional room, and surplus funds are fueling a surge in premium-class cabin travel to Africa, which is just 24% below pre-pandemic levels,” George added.

Several African locations are already operating well.

Nkrumah Memorial Park - Ghana's first president (picture courtesy of Jacek Sopotniki/iStock/Getty Images Plus) Nkrumah Memorial Park – Ghana’s first president (picture courtesy of Jacek Sopotniki/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

West African cities and nations led the list for long-haul tickets issued between January 1 and March 18, 2022, for travel at any point in the future compared to 2019 levels: Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Classic island locations such as Zanzibar (up 33%), Praia in Cape Verde (up 10%), and Seychelles (up 5%) are the exceptions (down 2 percent). As vacationers seek more natural, open places, these “sun and sea” resorts have grown even more popular and in demand as a result of the epidemic.

George further said that most of the above-mentioned places have more regular direct flights with the United States, which are not only enabling more tourists but also attracting a more wealthy class.

The majority of visitors are looking for a relaxing vacation (69 percent). Business travel accounts for 12% of visitors, while visiting friends and family accounts for another 12%.

This is an attractive market and opportunity for hotels, tourist boards, and tour operators who may use “Bleisure” to attract more guests, according to George.

The “tourism development in africa” is a positive sign that tourism has begun to bounce back in Africa. The continent has seen a decrease in the number of travelers due to the Ebola outbreak, but it is now starting to see increased tourist numbers.

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