Omicron, a crypto-powered travel company that recently raised $30 million in an ICO has already seen massive growth. Experts predict this cryptocurrency will be the beginning of a new era for hotel and flight booking. Omicron is poised to change how we book hotels without it costing us more than just our time.

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Travel Advisors Foresee Omicron Impacting Bookings Through Spring

Three-quarters (75%) of travel advisers are very or somewhat worried about the Omicron variant’s influence on their firm, according to the findings of a recent poll done by TravelAge West as part of its ‘Need to Know’ research series. The majority of poll respondents (69%) said they’ve noticed an increase in the number of trip cancellations from customers in recent weeks, while 74% said they’ve seen an increase in travel postponements.

Danny Genung, proprietor of Harr Travels in Redlands, California, remarked, “We have certainly had people question about the influence that Omicron has had on cruising.” “Some people have rescheduled their cruises, but it’s usually due to a business commitment or another reason. Almost all of our cancellations have been due to visitors testing positive for drugs or alcohol before embarking on their trip. That, to me, indicates that the system is functioning well. They’ve all expressed gratitude that it occurred before their vacation.”


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Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats.

A large majority (85 percent) of those polled also said that their customers have been asking more inquiries and are more concerned about their forthcoming vacations in recent weeks. The main causes for customers’ worries are a) changing government restrictions, b) supplier cancellations or refund policies, and c) destination safety and COVID-19 case spikes in certain places, which form a nearly three-way tie.

The continued Omicron boom, according to many advisers, will have a substantial impact on their firm in 2022. According to 41% of respondents, it will have a “significant influence,” while 44% believe it would have “somewhat of an impact.”

Almost two-thirds (63%) of the advisers asked anticipate the recent outbreak of sickness will have an influence on their spring break reservations. Twenty-nine percent of respondents believe Omicron will have an influence on their summer reservations as well, while 45 percent believe it is too early to tell.

“Right now, we’re in the thick of wave season,” Genung noted, “and new reservations are surpassing modifications or cancellations by a factor of ten.” “A number of sales are scheduled for the near future, but many more are scheduled for the summer of 2022 and beyond.”

The people in the study said they’re experiencing the consequences of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recent recommendation that Americans stop cruising entirely. The majority of participating advisers (54%) said they’ve had customers ask them about the CDC’s recent cruising advice, and 46% said they’ve had a client cancel or postpone a trip as a direct consequence of the CDC’s advice.

Despite this, Genung is upbeat about the cruise industry’s prospects for the remainder of 2022. “As we go into the next phase and shift from pandemic to endemic,” he continued, “I believe we are very near to seeing a big increase in bookings.” “We’ve had a lot of visitors sail in the previous two weeks, and they’ve all been quite delighted with their trip.” Many passengers have already booked their future trip and have even extended their present voyage by one or more weeks.”

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