It’s that time of year again where you’re thinking about your travels for the upcoming winter months. Whether it be a company outing, romantic vacation or family vacation- these are the destinations and travel trends experts say will become some of the most popular in 2022.

The “best places to travel in 2021 during coronavirus” is a list of hot destinations. The destinations are revealed by the Travel Advisors, who are professionals that have been in the travel industry for years.

Travel Advisors Reveal the Hottest Travel Trends, Destinations for 2022

In 2022, how will people travel?

This year, where do people wish to go?


We chatted with travel advisers, often known as true travel influencers, to get answers to these issues.

Travel agents and consultants have their finger on the pulse of the business, organizing amazing trips for their customers and dealing with the tumultuous changes brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak.

People walking through the Fort Lauderdale airport People going through the airport in Fort Lauderdale (Photo via Eric Bowman)

Here’s what they said about the tourism scene in 2022.


A new breed of traveler will emerge in 2022.

“Saving gas on the commute, not paying for lunch or dry cleaning, the employer not knowing where you’re going, and a strong desire to get out of the place they live and work in are all variables aligning to create a new sort of traveler,” said Chad Burt, Co-Founder of Outside Agents. “They have more flexibility and money than they had in the past to engage in the shared experiences and sentiments they want.” They want for meaningful interactions with the people they care about. Family and intergenerational travel is on the rise, and it will continue to rise as we dispel myths with facts. Clients are taking action, they’re purchasing, and we’re here to assist them.”

Longer vacations, bucket-list experiences, and vengeance spending, according to Burt, will drive most of the industry’s growth in 2022. “There are four times as many million-dollar brokers, three times as many global cruise reservations, transaction amounts are up 21%, and trip length is up as well,” he says.

Many of the advisers asked agreed that longer vacations are important to their customers, with family and multi-generational travel being a top priority for many.

black travel family On the beach, a family walks. (picture courtesy of kupicoo/Getty Images)

“I’ve had more multi-generational inquiries than ever before because families want to come together and travel together now that they can,” said Caroline Sprunger of Jetset World Travel. “They’re prepared to invest more time and money than they have in the past for the experience and to bring the whole family together.”

“I’m seeing a lot more requests for longer vacations, nearly two-week minimums,” Epperly Travel’s Olivia Vasquez said.

Other advisers claimed that two-week excursions are becoming more common, and that requests for four-week and even six-week trips are also becoming more common.

What’s Hot Right Now

Travel technology, man with airplane and laptop

However, several firms claim that their customers are still wary owing to ongoing travel restrictions.

“Yes, there is pent-up desire for travel, but it is only that. “My customers are still wary for 2022,” Global Village Travels’ Gloria Hobbins said.

“The most common theme among my customers is anxiety about burdensome travel restrictions and health precautions, which now seem to be very ineffectual and worthless,” said Cruise Planners’ Brad Striegel. “They’re starting to grate on people’s nerves. Clients expect simple, hassle-free travel. Locations that need vaccinations are also unpopular. As a result, my clientele choose easy-access places like all-inclusive beach resorts in the Dominican Republic, Cancun, and U.S. destinations.”

Domestic travel will continue to climb in 2020 and 2021, which is a trend we can expect to see continue.

“I still envision the domestic travel trend that 2020 gave us sticking around a bit longer,” Be the Travel’s Bailie White said. “We’re definitely seeing an increase in client interest for domestic travel for 2022 bookings, whether it’s because people feel a little safer traveling within the United States or because they don’t feel comfortable with all of the travel restrictions for exiting and returning to the United States.” Personally, I think it’s fantastic! Over the last several years, one of my favorite things to do has been to enhance my knowledge in planning vacation right here in America.”

Best Vacation Spots

The greatest trend, according to Amina Dearmon, owner of Perspectives Travel, is “local locations with global influences.”

Dearmon said, “As a New Orleans-based counselor, I’ve been marketing towns like New Orleans, Charleston, and Savannah as domestic attractions with global influences.” “One of the advantages of visiting these locations is that if customers miss vacations to France, Spain, the Caribbean, or Africa, they may still enjoy true cultural experiences.”

Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York City, and Miami are among the other U.S. locations that will remain popular with tourists.

Beach in Cancun Cancun’s beach. (Codie Liermann picture)

Mexico and the Caribbean, on the other hand, remain the most accessible international destinations for Americans, with a variety of airline alternatives. In addition, many tourists are attracted to the nation because of the little to no travel restrictions.

Due to the great range of resort alternatives, the area continues to witness a surge in reservations.

“All-inclusive resorts are the most popular travel trend I’m seeing,” said Scott Lara of Cruise Genius. “While thousands of cruise passengers return to their ships, anti-vaxxers rush to Cancun, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.”

“I anticipate the Caribbean islands will have a revival in 2022,” said Anthony Tucker, Vice President and General Manager of All Inclusive Outlet. “Mexico and the Dominican Republic have dominated most of 2021 because to their more liberal entrance rules, but as we approach closer to 2020, I expect demand for smaller, boutique experiences will skyrocket.”

While tropical vacations will continue to be popular, European places such as Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Portugal, France, and Italy will also be popular.

European Union flag over a map of the region. A map of the area with the European Union flag flying above it. (picture courtesy of iStock/Getty Images) E+/FotografiaBasica)

“Travelers are returning to cities, and there has been a never-ending desire for Europe,” said Emily Brillanti, founder of Vita Brillanti Travel. “I’m finding that many of my customers weren’t quite ready for transatlantic travel in 2021, but now that the vaccine is available, they’re willing to take the lengthier journey to their favorite European destinations.”

“I’m receiving a lot of queries and interest in Portugal,” Brillanti said, “which is exciting and well-deserved.” “Many of my customers are particularly interested in Porto, the Algarve, and the island of Madeira.”

“We’re getting a lot of requests for Europe, mainly for Greece and Italy,” Jordan Bradshaw, Vice President of Northcutt Travel Agency, said. “There are a lot of individuals who desire to spend their honeymoon in such places for ranging from 8 to 14 days.”

“Instead of the conventional Mexico/DR/Jamaica, families are beginning to explore for Europe or different experiences for spring break,” Vasquez added. “This year’s spring break, families want to visit a new Caribbean island or just go larger.”

Overall, advisers are confident that travel will continue to improve in 2022, but some are already looking forward.

“Travel will undoubtedly pick up in 2022, but I anticipate many reservations will be made for real travel in 2023,” said Tammy Levent, CEO of Elite Travel.

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