The European Union held a meeting with travel advisors from around the world to discuss how they can improve their opportunities when it comes to tourism. The recommendations made are expected to lead to more business and bookings within Europe which will be good news for all involved.

The “travel agent articles” is a blog that discusses the business of travel agents. The article talks about how more people are booking trips to Europe due to terrorism and other events.

Travel Advisors See Increased Business and More Bookings to Europe

According to Travel Experts, visitors are planning vacations to Europe in 2022, making it one of the most popular locations.

Travel advisors are reporting an uptick in business for the fourth quarter, which is excellent news.


According to a recent study of Travel Experts advisers, 80 percent indicated an increase in business in the fourth quarter of 2021, with 96 percent indicating a consistent flow of reservations for 2022.

Travel to Europe is by far the most popular, with 88 percent of advisers stating that the continent is either number one, two, or three on their list of destinations to visit in 2022.

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Following European holidays, 42 percent of advisers choose domestic vacations as one of the top three destinations for bookings in 2022. Thirty-eight percent are booking cruises, and 38 percent are planning to book additional cruises; 34 percent are booking Caribbean cruises, 29 percent are booking river cruises, and 17 percent are planning visits to South America. Hawaii and Central America were mentioned by 8% of respondents.

Despite the fact that “our corporate business is down around 50%,” Rob DelliBovi of RDB Hospitality in Miami Beach told Travel Experts that “our entertainment and music bookings are exceeding 2019 revenues, and our celebrity business is the greatest it has ever been.”

According to Holly Lombardo in Atlanta, she is getting a lot of recommendations.

“As a result of unparalleled referrals, my company is outperforming 2019.” However, some people are still wary of overseas travel because to the possibility of a negative result. antigen test to return to the U.S. They don’t want to be quarantined outside of the nation,’ Lombardo said.

Elaine Carey, a travel agent in Whispering Pines, North Carolina, expressed her optimism that Omicron would not become an issue.

“Even though I’m overwhelmed, my company has just recently began to blossom in the last few months, and I couldn’t be happier. Now, if only that new variety vanishes fast, everything would be OK “Carey said.

Many advisers are still having difficulties.

“I recently had a bunch of December appointments cancel,” Linda de Sosa, of Bucketlist Travel Consulting in Houston, said. “Some are afraid, while others are worried about new quarantine restrictions. When restrictions and travel schedules change often, it’s tough to encourage people to book close in.”

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The “what is happening in the travel industry” is a question that has been asked for quite some time. The answer, as it turns out, is that the travel industry is doing very well. This is due to increased business and more bookings to Europe.

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