The Ukrainian government and private companies have made a plea to airlines around the world, begging them to lease their aircraft or hire crews from the country. The nation is desperate for economic stability in order to recover from financial turmoil that has been going on for years now.

The “which of the following is not a characteristic of international trade” is an article that explains how Ukraine has made a plea to airlines around the world to lease their planes, employ their crew, and use their airports.

Ukraine Makes Plea To Airlines Around The World To Lease Their Planes, Employ Their Crew

Ukraine appeals to airlines throughout the world to lease its planes and hire its crew.

on March 21, 2022 by Gary Leff

Vladimir Putin has suffered a setback as a result of Russia’s invasion on Ukraine. What was supposed to be a quick and easy invasion has dragged on for more than three weeks. Russia’s air supremacy has eluded it, and its army resembles a paper tiger. Despite this hostility, Europe has less cause to fear Russia now than it had at the beginning of the year. The rest of the world can’t shut this down because of their nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, as the Ukrainians fight back against Russian advances, aggressor troops have become more desperate and ruthless.

Kherson’s main plaza is covered with blood. After dispersing earlier protests by shooting in the air and deploying flash-bangs, Russian occupation soldiers seem to have opened fire on a nonviolent rally.

@yarotrof — Yaroslav Trofimov 21st of March, 2022

The aftermath of yesterday night’s incident in #Kyiv.

March 21, 2022 — WhereisRussiaToday (@WhereisRussia) Mariupol

March 21, 2022 — Rob Lee (@RALee85)

According to some calculations, GDP in Ukraine is down by a third as regular life in the nation – particularly in the more economically important Eastern region of the country – grinds to a standstill. In this context, Ukraine International Airlines is pushing a way to keep the company viable and its people employed – and safe.

The country’s flag airline, which is situated at Boryspil International Airport, is selling ‘wet leases’ on its grounded aircraft. That implies they’re trying to get airlines all around the globe to pay them to fly their planes with Ukraine International Airlines crews on board. The airline claims that

UIA now has the possibility to provide airlines and partners the chance to participate in Ukraine’s economic assistance by using UIA aircraft for charter and humanitarian flights outside of Ukraine and finalizing “wet leasing” arrangements.


Ukraine International Airlines flights are now suspended until April 15, 2022, but because to the ongoing war, a longer grounding is likely to be necessary — and the airline will not be able to restart full operations immediately whenever it does resume commercial service.

The airline’s fleet includes 16 Boeing 737s (12-800s and 4-900ERs), two Boeing 767-300ERs, five Embraer 190s, and two Embraer 195s.

Despite a dearth of aircraft and even flight attendants and pilots, U.S. airlines will be unable to take advantage of this opportunity owing to union contracts (‘scope clauses’) that restrict the operation of flights by non-union staff. For the sake of national security, these limitations should be lifted during the Ukraine crisis.

“Yes, Ukraine was lovely. But now it will be fantastic.”

We shall triumph. New cities will emerge. New dreams will emerge. A fresh narrative will be told. There will, without a doubt. Those who have passed away shall be remembered. And we’ll sing again, and we’ll rejoice once again. #Ukraine #всеудекрaна #еромслава

— March 20, 2022, Fly UIA (@fly uia)

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