United Airlines is being criticized for its “Catch Me If You Can” promotion, which has been ongoing since 1989. The company reportedly lost $1 million on the game over 23 years ago, but still accepts new applications to play and win prizes today. United says it will end this round of the contest after current participants have an opportunity to cash in their winning tickets.

On July 17th, 1978, United Airlines flight 811 crashed in Chicago. The crash killed all 143 passengers and crew on board. On December 24th of the same year, a man named Neal Broten crawled down the plane to escape and was caught by the police.

United Airlines Real Life



“Catch Me If You Can” on United Airlines in Real Life After 23 years, they were apprehended.

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It was much simpler to adopt a new identity in the 1970s than it is now. Assume the name of a young person who didn’t leave much of a paper trail and won’t be utilizing it. Perhaps someone who was not issued a social security number at the time of their birth (it was much more common then). Apply for a social security card and get a copy of their birth certificate.

Not the person in Catch Me If You Can, but someone I know did it.


Creating a synthetic identity is become significantly more frequent. However, a guy who ‘did it right’ while he did wrong just died. He stole a bank before changing his identity. He severed links with his previous life, never telling anybody until he was on his deathbed, and avoided drawing undue attention to himself.

A United Airlines flight attendant was recently apprehended while using an alias. Airline cabin crews are subjected to security inspections, and this one has applied for passports many times over the years. That was the last straw for him.

Ricardo Cesar Guedes was born in Brazil in 1972, but he received a passport under the name William Ericson Ladd, who was born in 1974 and killed in a vehicle accident when he was four years old. Eric Ladd became his nickname. He became a United Airlines flight attendant and spent 23 years with the company. Meanwhile, he renewed his passport multiple times and secured a residence permit for his partner in the United States, as he was, of course, a ‘citizen.’

However, when he attempted to renew his passport in 2020, a fraud notice was issued. Investigators discovered his true identity and interrogated the mother of the’real’ late Eric Ladd (that must have been a traumatic conversation for her). Because flight attendant Eric Ladd was required to produce fingerprints in order to become a United flight attendant, police were able to match his fingerprints to those found in Brazil.

Federal officials awaited him at the Known Crewmember checkpoint in Houston, where he was about to embark on a journey. And, in addition to the immigration-related accusations, he faced extra charges since he had obtained access to it under a fraudulent name. Governor Abbott’s wall in Texas would not have kept him out.

Catch Me If You Can is a film that depicts Frank Abagnale posed as a Pan Am pilot, among other things. It’s a lot simpler to imitate a flight attendant, or at least someone who is recruited and trained to be a flight attendant. Eric Ladd presumably felt he was safe after more than two decades. If you’re going to do this, stay away from government checks and avoid jobs that demand them on a regular basis.

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United Airlines Real Life “Catch Me If You Can” Caught After 23 Years. United Airlines is a major airline with headquarters in Chicago and hubs at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, O’Hare International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport. The company has been flying for more than 80 years since it was founded as Varney Air Lines in 1926. Reference: united airline phone number.

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