The airline has received permission from the Air Transport Association to operate 32 flights a day between New York and Washington DC, claiming this is required because they “don’t have enough seats.”

On Monday, United Airlines announced that they will be adding 32 flights a day to their already expansive daily flight schedule between New York and Washington D.C., in an effort to realize the potential of the booming travel market. With this expansion, there is now one more airline flying from New Jersey International Airport than Newark Liberty Airport.

The “jfk terminal 7” is a new flight that will be launched by United Airlines. The airline has been looking for a way to run 32 flights a day in order to squat their slots in the New York-DC market.

To fill their slots, United Airlines will operate 32 New York-DC flights every day.

on October 26, 2021 by Gary Leff

The airports of New York LaGuardia, JFK, and Washington National are all ‘slot controlled.’ That implies each airport has a certain number of takeoffs and landings, and incumbent airlines have been granted (for free!) the right to utilize them as a property right. This is a significant subsidy for incumbent carriers.

‘Use it or lose it’ regulations are common in slot machines. If an airline does not utilize its slots for at least 80% of the time, it may be reallocated to another carrier. As a consequence, airlines will operate what are essentially ghost flights, services intended to fill the slot rather than satisfy any economic necessity. For example, American Airlines used to dump 50-seat small planes on the New York JFK – Baltimore route since it was one of the cheapest methods to hold slots.

The FAA (together with other authorities throughout the globe) disregarded standard usage rules for slots during the epidemic, with some minor variances in detail. They let carriers to maintain their slots even if they don’t fly. Governments should lease slots for ten years before auctioning them off again.

Starting November 1, the FAA will only renew the usage waiver on slots (through March 26, 2022) for “slots and allowed operating periods employed by any airline for international operations exclusively” — in other words, they must resume using domestic slots or risk losing them.

As a consequence, Delta said this week that 100 more New York JFK and New York LaGuadia departures would be operational by November.

United Airlines has now admitted to blatantly squatting slots. “32 excursions every day between the NYC region and D.C., a 78 percent increase and the most flights of any airline,” says the article. This covers them out of LaGuardia as well as National Airport, while they abandoned JFK five years ago and have been clawing their way back to a restricted presence at that airport, where they don’t have open slots to dwell.

On October 31, a new almost hourly shuttle service will begin between Additional York/Newark Liberty International Airport and Reagan National Airport, and five new flights will begin between LaGuardia Airport and Washington Dulles Airport.

Many of these flights will be operated by United, which will use premium-configured 50-seat regional planes.

United-Airlines-Will-Run-32-New-York-DC-Flights-A-Day CRJ-550 (United Airlines)

To avoid losing their government-subsidized slots, United and Delta are flying aircraft. Meanwhile, the American Carriers-JetBlue Northeast Alliance settlement with the Department of Transportation requires those airlines to boost their total flights out of JFK and LaGuardia airports in New York. Because they don’t receive additional slots, they have to fly larger aircraft.

Chief Revenue Officer Vasu Raja said that 300,000 customers travelled on the American-JetBlue alliance in the third quarter, the most of all of American’s overseas partnerships, during the ‘State of the Airline’ staff session after last Thursday’s results call.

The Department of Justice is trying to stop the agreement, which was authorized by the federal government earlier this year, on the grounds that American would co-opt JetBlue as a low-cost carrier while increasing seat supply and giving New York passengers a viable third option beyond United and Delta.

Surprisingly, the federal government seems to feel that protecting the United-Delta major carrier duopoly in the industry is best for customers. American Airlines has said in two recent staff meetings that it intends to take the case to trial — and win – rather than settle the case.

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United Airlines Will Run 32 New York-DC Flights A Day To Squat Their Slots. United is planning to run 32 flights a day between New York and Washington DC, which will put more pressure on the airline’s competitors. The new flights are part of an agreement that allows United to use their slots for more lucrative routes. Reference: cheapest flights to europe.

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