Jennifer Lopez and Virgin Voyages have teamed up to offer travelers a completely new kind of vacation, where the only thing that matters is spending time with friends. The first offering under this partnership will allow people to explore some of California’s most iconic beaches, including Huntington Beach and Malibu.

Jennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity to join Virgin Voyages. Jennifer will be the face of their newest luxury cruise, The JLo Cruise.

Virgin Voyages And Superstar Jennifer Lopez Reveal New Partnership

Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages announced today a new relationship with Jennifer Lopez, a worldwide celebrity, movie icon, entrepreneur, and style icon. Whereas most cruise companies chose a godmother for a new ship as a ceremonial function, Virgin Voyages took a different approach. 

Jennifer Lopez will be a part of a cutting-edge, game-changing relationship that will include everything from sailor experience development such as well-being and exercise to design collaborations and entertainment co-creations, all of which will be published in 2022. 

The Fleet’s Godmother

Jennifer Lopez will be playing the role of godmother for the whole fleet, as opposed to a godmother for one ship. Richard Branson and Jennifer Lopez have great ambitions for the cruise line that has turned the cruise industry upside down in the past year.


There will be new well-being and fitness initiatives, as well as design partnerships that will elevate the cruise line’s already spectacular designs to even higher heights. Lopez will also play a key role in the creation of new entertainment choices aboard Virgin ships: 

Jennifer Lopez states, “My creative and social objective is to empower, inspire, and amuse.” “Any chance I have to integrate all of these qualities into a relationship and cooperation excites me.” I appreciate Sir Richard and all he has accomplished. Virgin Voyages’ commitment to providing appealing experiences and an emphasis on well-being inspires me, and it all aligns with my own lifestyle and brand concept.”

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The first partnerships will debut in the coming months, with Virgin Voyages delivering JLo Beauty as part of its onboard offering for the first time, bringing Jennifer Lopez’s goods to the high seas for the first time.

Virgin Voyages is on the lookout for a godmother.

As Richard Branson says, the quest for a suitable godmother rapidly led Virgin Voyages to Jennifer Lopez:

“We knew right away that we wanted Jennifer to join Virgin Voyages as a partner and help us build the future of high-seas tourism.” “She is one of the most bright and hardworking persons I have ever met,” says Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Group’s founder. “As an artist, an entrepreneur, and a person, I adore her.”

Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship FunnelVirgin Voyages provided this image.

Jennifer Lopez and Richard Branson disclosed their relationship in a hilarious FaceTime video. The discussion focuses on the reinvention of the godmother position by debating what title would be appropriate for Jennifer, considering that she is playing such an important part in the brand’s objectives, not merely a ceremonial one.

“We knew we wanted to create waves and offer improvements for Sailors to enjoy the most incredible holiday ever from the minute we established this company. Vacations have never been more needed after the previous two years, therefore we looked for someone special to accompany us on this adventure. “Jennifer is a pioneer who epitomizes the Virgin Voyages culture and our employees,” says Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages. “As an investor and adviser, she flips the godmother legend on its head, transforming it into something strong and infinite.” We’re really looking forward to what’s coming next.”

This year, two Virgin ships will be launched.

Virgin Voyages is planning four ships, with the second and third arriving in the near future. In March, the Valiant Lady sets sail. She will sail with passengers on her inaugural trip on March 18, 2022, after a short promotional tour across the United Kingdom.

Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship in MiamiVirgin Voyages provided this image.

She will embark on her maiden lengthier cruise from Portsmouth to Spain and Portugal on April 4th. Valiant Lady will embark on a series of seven-day voyages from her homeport in Barcelona, Spain, beginning on May 15. 

Resilient Lady sets off from her home port of Athens, Greece, in August of this year. From there, she’ll embark on a series of Mediterranean cruises that include stops in Santorini, Rhodes, Chania, and Mykonos. 

Scarlet Lady, the company’s first cruise ship, is now operating from Miami, Florida, on a series of Caribbean cruises. 

Virgin Voyages and Jennifer Lopez

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