The city of Chicago is nicknamed “the most brainwashed city on the planet.” The perception of this moniker has been changing ever since its conception, but there are still plenty of people who believe that they can spot a true Chicagoan from across the room.

The “tom macdonald – brainwashed lyrics” is a song that talks about the state of Chicago and how it has been brainwashed.

Navigating each destination’s compliance with government rules has been one of the most difficult elements of traveling during the past two years. After all, one area or city may adhere to strict obedience while another does not. Traveling from a place of normality to a state where tyranny is openly encouraged—leaving us feeling like we’re living in a dystopian nightmare—has been extremely disappointing for me.

Many Chicagoans are still diligently obeying their dictator’s—oops, we mean governor’s—orders almost two years after the “plandemic” began. As if any of these ludicrous rules had anything to do with enhancing Illinois residents’ general health, wellbeing, or happiness.

In reality, for the vast majority of individuals, authoritarian dictates have the opposite effect. Consider the dramatic rise in severe suicide attempts and mortality among youngsters during the epidemic.Welcome-to-Clown-World-Is-Chicago-the-Most-Brainwashed

Let’s take a look at the people that are enabling this deception to continue.

For starters, some people still believe this is about a virus, which it clearly isn’t. Just look at all of the big demonstrations that the mainstream media refuses to report throughout the globe.


Then there are some who relish being told what to do and, maybe for the first time in their life, feel accomplished at something.

Finally, there are individuals who benefit financially or politically from this sophisticated plan.


All virus enthusiasts should be aware of the following information. Society has had enough of the stupid, indoctrinated, obedient, selfish, and power-hungry; we’ve waited long enough for you to wake up. The worldwide struggle for liberty is now in full swing.

The Compliance Distinction

It’s a tour to see firsthand how a city in the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” is dealing with the present circumstances after ten months of living in a nation free of fear and covered faces. 

Consider that the indoor masking regulations in Illinois and Albania are almost identical. The public’s response to the requirements, on the other hand, varies greatly depending on the destination.

There are a variety of complex causes for the disparity in compliance.

People will be more motivated to make personal judgments about their health if local law enforcement does not mask up or hassle other residents about wearing masks. 1636567900_70_Welcome-to-Clown-World-Is-Chicago-the-Most-Brainwashed

Second, the never-ending barrage of propaganda may have impacted public opinion. Consider how, in 2020, businesses and radio stations in the Chicagoland region were continually promoting the message “stay home, be safe.”

When we arrived in Albania, though, all we could hear while shopping was cheerful Balkan music. Thanks be to God for lovely normality!1636567902_638_Welcome-to-Clown-World-Is-Chicago-the-Most-Brainwashed

The Fall of Normalcy

It was amusing to watch the varied degrees of normality based on our present location as we steadily made our way back to the United States. Passengers, police officers, and airline employees all went about their business without masks at Tirana International Airport.1636567905_757_Welcome-to-Clown-World-Is-Chicago-the-Most-Brainwashed

While using public transit or waiting at their airport gates, we saw Balkan babas looking tough and courageous. What a contrast to the Chicagoland kids we see going about alone, their faces veiled and their phones buried in their hands.1636567907_63_Welcome-to-Clown-World-Is-Chicago-the-Most-Brainwashed

When you can’t convey the truth to the public, you have to demonstrate them.

Slavic fliers

We were worried what to anticipate going back to the United States after watching so many horrifying airline videos go viral. To go from Tirana to Chicago, we chose to fly with LOT Polish Airlines. Perhaps a staff with a Slavic background would be less authoritarian than other airlines? 1636567910_382_Welcome-to-Clown-World-Is-Chicago-the-Most-Brainwashed

Fortunately, our instincts were spot on. Both flights, from Tirana to Warsaw and from Warsaw to Chicago, were unassuming and unhurried. We left our masks off for long periods of time since the flight attendants were kind and didn’t bother us about them. Our wonderful Polish flight attendants congregated in the rear of the plane sans masks on our trans-Atlantic journey! 1636567912_268_Welcome-to-Clown-World-Is-Chicago-the-Most-Brainwashed

On a side note, we frequently make fun of our Slavic friends for refusing to use the microwave or eat GMO veggies. As a result, it’s not unexpected that many Slavs would refuse to have experimental gene therapy treatments injected into their bodies. Unfortunately, many people are being pushed to do so, or they will be rejected by society.


Clown-Town is more like Chi-Town.

Clownworld, called Chicago, has served as a wake-up call. It is not part of Albanian tradition to snitch on your neighbor. People keep in their own lane, don’t try to push their ideals on others, and mind their own business.

Could you picture an Albanian guy requesting that another Albanian man put on his mask?! Saying that out loud is nearly hilarious. They’d either make fun of you or kick you in the shins.

When implementing mask laws in Chicago, you can observe how ordinary people are intoxicated on power. Employees at grocery stores, banks, and auto dealerships all seem to “get off” by forcing individuals to hide their faces.

There are no longer polite greets or warm salutations; instead, a harsh “You need a mask” is issued.1636567917_762_Welcome-to-Clown-World-Is-Chicago-the-Most-Brainwashed

Our first encounter with a mask came at a vehicle dealership in the Chicagoland region. It was distressing to have a fellow American insist that we conceal our faces after living in a mask-free, free culture.

Unfortunately, the most terrifying element of the whole incident was his perplexity when we refused to obey and told him no—as if we were the first individuals to oppose a despotic command from some random dude on the street.


Facial coverings have deprived us of our humanity on a basic and psychological level, which is precisely what they want. Perhaps this explains why our social interactions in Albania seemed more natural and socially suitable than in Chicago?

All we know is that this isn’t a healthy, joyful environment to live in—and it’s just going to get worse! The next step for us is to buy a vehicle and move out of Clown World, Illinois.

When you entertain a clown, you automatically become a member of the circus.

Welcome to Clown World is a documentary that looks at how the city of Chicago has been brainwashed into believing that they are the best. The film explores the idea that America’s most famous city is also one of its most delusional. Reference: tom macdonald – dummies.

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