Sesame Street characters are coming to life in a new theme park near San Diego! The West Coast’s first Sesame Street Theme Park will open soon, bringing an interactive and innovative experience for the whole family. A $350-million project that is expected to draw over three million visitors annually when it opens next year.,

The “when will sesame place san diego open” is a theme park that is soon to be opened in San Diego. The theme park will feature the Sesame Street characters and their friends.

West Coast’s First Sesame Street Theme Park Soon To Open in San Diego

As SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment turns the old site of its Aquatica water park into the new Sesame Place San Diego, families with small children will soon have a new Southern California theme park to look forward to visiting.

The new amusement park devoted to PBS’ long-running television kids’ program is expected to debut in March 2022, though no precise date has been confirmed. It is the result of SeaWorld’s current cooperation with Sesame Workshop. It will be the second immersive ‘Sesame Place’ experience in the United States, after the first park in the Philadelphia suburbs.


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The 17-acre park, which will be located just south of San Diego in Chula Vista, California, will apparently make use of existing aquatic infrastructure, which means it will likely have more water attractions than its Pennsylvania cousin.

According to Frommer’s, 11 of the Aquatica San Diego’s existing aquatic attractions will be redesigned, including numerous water slides and a 500,000-gallon wave pool. To blend the hydro-centric attractions into the new park, Sesame Street-themed overlays are being applied to them each year around Memorial Day.

The remainder of the park will be open all year for people to enjoy. It will include an interactive Sesame Street neighborhood, which will be an exact duplicate of the show’s main shooting set, replete with the famous 123 Stoop, Hooper’s Store, and other well-known Sesame Street locations. The streetscape will provide kids a world of “immersive physical and digital character encounters,” with lots of opportunity to meet and snap selfies with their favorite costumed characters, according to a news release from 2021.

Super Grover, Box Car Derby, rollercoaster, roller coaster, Sesame Place, Sesame Street, San Diego Sesame Place San Diego’s Super Grover’s Box Car Derby coaster. (SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment provided this picture)

There will be dozens of waterless rides at Sesame Place San Diego, including:

—Elmo’s Rockin’ Rockets sends youngsters on an imaginative adventure through space, soaring up, down, and around.

—Sunny Day Carousel is a traditional, colorful ride that is suitable for people of all ages.

—In Cookie Climb, children climb Cookie Monster-themed structures while surrounded by cookie crumbs.

—Abby’s Fairy Flight, a family-friendly swing ride with the fuzzy fairy-in-training.

—Rosita’s Harmony Hills allows children to climb, crawl, and play amid rolling green slopes while creating lovely “msica.”

—Rub-A-Dub When riders board Ernie’s toy submarine, the S.S. Duckie, they will be spinning in all directions.

—Sesame Street Soar & Spin gives visitors a bird’s-eye perspective of the park by allowing them to ride aloft in a character balloon.

—Super Grover’s Box Car Derby is a fun-for-the-whole-family rollercoaster experience.

Sesame Street, Abby Cadabby, SeaWorld, San Diego, Bay of Play, muppet, character, show, parade Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street appears in SeaWorld San Diego’s “Let’s Play Together” program. (SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment provided this picture)

A live character performance, a daily parade, and a calendar of family-friendly events and seasonal festivals will round out the park’s attractions.

Sesame Place San Diego will open as a Certified Autism Center (CAC), with all staff receiving autism sensitivity and awareness training, and pre-visit planning resources—including a park-specific sensory guide—made available to better enable parents to plan activities best suited to their children’s individual needs, similar to the East Coast location. According to the firm, Sesame Place Philadelphia was the first theme park in the world to get a CAC accreditation, and Sesame Place San Diego will follow suit.

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The “seaworld sesame street san diego” is the West Coast’s first Sesame Street theme park. It will be located in San Diego and will open to the public on April 17, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will Sesame Place San Diego be?

A: Sesame Place San Diego will open its doors on July 1, 2019.

What is replacing Aquatica?

A: The developers decided to replace Aquatica with their new game, Super Luckys Tale.

Who bought Aquatica?

A: The true identity of Aquaticas buyer is unknown at the time.

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