After 11 months in the United States, it was time to get moving. When global travel bans began in March 2020 as a result of VIDOC,19 we had no idea that travel bans and closures would last this long. All over the world, people have seen their dream vacation in 2020, and vacation plans are slowly becoming a distant reality.

Friends and followers have contacted us to share their frustration over cancelled family vacations or their sadness over not being able to visit relatives who live far away. Was the year 2020 just a lost year?

Planning our flight | International flight during COVID19

On summer evenings, as we opened our second bottle of wine, we were passionately convinced that we had to go! Our mission is to show people that the journey must go on. To be honest, our motive was firmly rooted in the fact that we hate Chicago and that renting a car for long-term use in the United States is expensive. We’ve never felt so trapped in our lives.

As full-time bloggers and traveling nomads, our entire existence revolves around travel. Although we were lucky enough to spend almost three months traveling across the United States, we wanted a much needed change. Don’t get me wrong, driving Route 66 was great!

Landmark’s road trip is even better and more memorable than we expected. We also had the opportunity to see and explore so many national parks, especially amidst the pandemic in China.

flies out of O’Hare Airport at the same location as Kevin McCallister’s home run.

However, the truth is that the culture and climate in the United States is exasperating and frustrating. We’re past the quarantine, masks and all the illogical rules that go with it. We spent a lot of time researching, planning and waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger.

With a small number of travelers, flights are currently quite cheap. Thinking we couldn’t wait for the pandemic to pass, we booked flights and didn’t look back.

COVID19 Travel complications

If you watched the news, there was a lot of commotion in the air. Did you hear about the plane that went back to the gate because a two-year-old girl refused to keep her face mask on? How about a fight because people take off their masks for a quick coffee?

Needless to say, we didn’t know what to expect on an international flight. According to the American Airlines website, travelers could bring their own food and drinks. That’s because there was no restoration on board due to the China virus.

Another problem we encountered was navigating through each country’s import journals. Some of the demands made on Americans are out of control. For example, do you know the entry requirements for Aruba?

The government of Aruba has commissioned travelers from several states to test COWID19 more thoroughly. Ironically, Illinois is not on the list, despite being one of the worst-governed states in the country.

Take advantage of a large number of empty seats on our international flight. Can’t you see our big smiles?

Montana and North Dakota v. Illinois

Think about it: If you are from Montana (rank 45/50 for COVID19 cases) or North Dakota (rank 41/50 for COVID19 cases), you will need to complete additional paperwork and undergo more intensive testing. It is interesting to note that travelers from Illinois are not reported, despite being the sixth most common cause of VIDOC19 in the United States.

This means that the states with the least VIDOC restrictions19 were selected. Does that make any sense? No. Policy? Absolutely. Seriously, look at the website! It’s mental insanity.

In some countries, for example. B. In Cambodia, Ukraine, and Costa Rica, travelers must purchase local travel insurance upon arrival. In Aruba, local health insurance costs $224 for a 50-90 day stay. A one-week stay costs $70 per person.

PCR test duration

In many countries, a negative PCR test for VIDOC19 is now mandatory. As long as your results aren’t false positives. However, there is also a major problem of timing.

Of course we were thinking of returning to one of our favorite places on the planet Croatia. We are really proud of Croatia, which has ignored the EU entry ban and political pressure.

Since the Croatian economy is heavily dependent on tourism, the government has decided to keep the country open to international travelers, including Americans. However, US travellers must show a negative PCR test no later than 48 hours after entering the country, i.e. between the time of collection and arrival at the border crossing point.

Double punch! At that moment Audrey turned to Harry and said I like it. I’m so glad.

I did some research. At that time, I could not find a doctor’s office or clinic that offered a quick 30-minute PCR test. It is not possible to obtain a negative PCR test result within 48 hours and submit a Croatian immigration result. When the Chinese virus was tested in the United States, it took 3 to 5 days before the results were available.

It is interesting to note that I heard an American traveler tell a UK airline employee that he had taken the COVID19 test but had not yet received the results by email. What’s the next step? Is he currently blocked in transit by the UK in the hope that the test will come back negative? Thank God that’s not our problem.

We asked around. We’ve seen how other nomads and travel bloggers have fared. It is important for us to avoid unnecessary hassle.

International flight during COWID19

Not knowing what to expect, we came prepared for an international flight. As mentioned earlier, we brought our own food and drink, as the website indicated that no food or drink would be provided due to the Chinese virus. (Did you know that Romanian chicken sausages travel surprisingly well?)

We arrived at O’Hare International Airport in a quiet and clean terminal. Actually, I was surprised at the cleanliness of the restrooms and the doors. We boarded without temperature check or questioning.

On board, the plane was gloriously empty. In fact, we quickly moved to the front wall to make room, and the seats we used to pay extra for are now empty. The flight attendants on duty in Chicago were pleasant and relaxed, with fewer passengers. The vibration was relaxed and calm.

Meals served along the way consisted of cinnamon churro, salad with balsamic vinaigrette, Swiss cheese, butter, scones, cream puffs, chicken with mushroom sauce, vegetables and rice. | International flights during COWID19

Departure from airport

After departure, we were beyond excited when the flight attendants suddenly started serving drinks and food. We watched new movies, ate a hot meal and drank two glasses of red wine each. Meanwhile, our masks were taken off and no one questioned or disturbed us.

Overall, our flight to London was smooth and pleasant. Mask-wearing aside, this might be one of the best moments in the history of flying.

Our connecting flight from London required a shuttle from the boarding gate to the plane, where we were packed like sardines, even though London’s Heathrow Airport is dotted with thousands of signs of social distancing. Perhaps the genius government knows more about the Wuhan virus than we ignorant peasants?

You can’t sit next to other passengers at the airport, but they can crowd you like sardines (shoulder to shoulder) in the shuttles to the plane. | International flights during COWID19

Did you fly in 2020? How did it go?


How do you load…


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