As the UK continues its impressive vaccination campaign, industry professionals and travel enthusiasts around the world are wondering: When will the journey to England resume? It has been a long time since tourists have experienced the magic of Britain. When the journey resumes, we’ll keep you posted and encourage you to imagine the adventures to come!

Can I go to England now?

Currently anyone arriving in England must spend 10 days in quarantine and undergo 2 tests for coronavirus during the quarantine. And if you traveled to a country on the red list of travel bans 10 days before arrival, you must quarantine in a government-approved hotel.

Thanks to high vaccination coverage in England, closures in that country are beginning to decline gradually: Open shops and lots of outdoor attractions in London and all over England. Not until the 17th. The attractions and indoor halls will reopen in May.

The UK government has also released a report showing that international travel cannot resume until 17. May 2021.


Although the situation is still dynamic and the plan is subject to change, the current plan is that as England opens up to tourists, the following requirements will emerge:

A traffic light system will be installed with each country being green, yellow or red. Only nationals of green countries can still come to England without quarantine. Greens arriving in England must undergo pre-departure and PCR testing before or on the second day and complete a passenger tracking form.

The government has not yet announced which countries will be considered green, but given the criteria, it seems likely that Israel will be on the list, along with Iceland, Madeira, Malta and possibly the United States.

It is not yet known how the tests will be conducted, how much they will cost and how long it will take to get the results. We’ll keep updating.

Can I travel from England to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

The United Kingdom (UK) consists of 4 countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Oddly enough, each of these countries has its own COWID rules. And since these rules vary quite a bit, it’s important to check the UK government’s website for the most up-to-date information. For example, you can now travel between England and Wales, but not currently between England and Scotland without a valid reason (this is expected to change on 26 April).

The urge to travel? Be inspired!

Many of us are eager to travel again, especially now that there is more freedom of movement in many places. We’re not there yet, but as the journey in England progresses, we’ll never take it for granted! In the meantime, here are some travel ideas with our list of things to do in England.

in England? Planning a stopover?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that hotels and B&Bs in England until the 17th century. Must not be open, but no more than six people or two households can stay together. You can find the official government instructions here. Then I looked up things to do in London, or inspirational castles, to have everything ready for when we get the green light. Whether you are in England, physically or in spirit: Prepare to fall in love with the UK all over again.

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