Delta Air Lines, along with a number of other Georgia companies, has faced backlash on social media for its role in the passage of SB202, a new law restricting voting in the state that was signed into law this week.

Delta said in a statement that it is actively working with officials from both parties to ensure a fair and safe election process.


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But some, especially those who see the new law as not only restrictive but oppressive, have interpreted Delta’s statement to mean that the airline is happy with the result.

In a statement that Newsweek got its hands on, Nse Ufot, CEO of the New Georgia Project Action Fund, said companies can’t have it both ways and criticized the bill’s praise.

SB 202 is not praiseworthy, far from it. He represents everything Republican lawmakers are fighting for: reducing voting rights for Georgia’s black and brown communities, first-time voters and young people. Delta, Coca-Cola, and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce praised this legislation – a betrayal. It shows they are willing to dismantle voting rights with the Republican lawmakers they so readily support, she said. It is completely unacceptable to tout bills that take away the most basic voting rights of Americans while profiting from our dollars. His little noticed betrayal became a real blinding.

Several tweets from opponents of the bill also helped unify the #BoycottDelta trend.

Even big names like athletic trainer Keith Olbermann tweeted to Delta:

Yesterday I suggested that baseball should be the first practical national target when #[email protected] is clearly holding my hood.

Don’t take Delta. Don’t waste money on Delta. Boycott Delta. Destroy Delta. #BoycotDelta

– Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) March 27, 2021

Below is a statement from Delta CEO Ed Bastian the day after the bill passed. You decide how you want to read:

Delta believes that full and equal access to the right to vote is a fundamental right of all citizens. In recent weeks, Delta has been actively engaging with elected officials from both parties, expressing its belief that Georgia should have a fair and safe election process with broad voter participation and equal access to polling places. The legislation that went into effect this week has significantly improved the legislative process. It expands weekend voting options, codifies Sunday voting, and protects the ability of voters to cast an absentee ballot without explanation. For the first time, ballot boxes were also allowed in all districts of the state and election officials were allowed to work across district boundaries. Nevertheless, we recognise that there are still concerns about other provisions in the legislation and that much work remains to be done in this important area. We pledge to be open to our citizens and communities, and to work with the leaders of both parties to ensure that every eligible worker and voter in Georgia can exercise their right to vote.

The airline could not be reached for comment and had not made any further statement or response to the decision at the time of publication.

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