American Airlines is known for their year end promotions and this time around, they want you to be a part of it. For just $1,000, new members could earn up to 7 million AAdvantage miles with full redemption potential in 2019! Here’s what I did to earn those miles.

Aadvantage is a company that offers travel rewards. They have been around for a while and I decided to go “all in” with them and earn 7 million American Airlines miles. Read more in detail here: aadvantage.

Why I Went 'All In' And Earned 7 Million American Airlines Miles With Their Year End Promo



Why I Went ‘All In’ With American Airlines’ Year End Promo And Earned 7 Million Miles

on January 2, 2022 by Gary Leff

I went all-in when American Airlines announced a holiday offer on their joint venture SimplyMiles website with Mastercard. All offers came with sextuple miles, with the most profitable being an unlimited 40 miles per dollar donation to Conservation International, a charity that Mastercard was supporting.

This means earning 240 miles for every $1 spent, or purchasing miles for $0.0042 each. I logged a total of 7 million miles. That hardly qualifies as ‘the most.’ I know a few readers who went above and above what I did. With this campaign, one person claimed to have earned 12 million miles. I’m curious if someone went much larger.

Someone commented on one of my postings that the 7 million miles I accumulated equated to “a lifetime in business and first class,” but that isn’t the case. A business class roundtrip to the Maldives in Qatar Airways QSuites costs 140,000 miles for a family of three and 420,000 miles for a family of four. We can certainly do it 16 times. However, award prices will grow, and we won’t be able to achieve that level of value on every redemption.

When I initially started collecting miles and points, I thought of Dave Phillips (‘The Pudding Guy,’) popularized by Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love, whose 1.2 million miles looked like a lot until I’d swiftly acquired my first million across various programs. It doesn’t feel like that many miles anymore (indeed, I had more American AAdvantage miles than that before this promotion.)

So, what does an extra 7 million American AAdvantage miles mean? Here’s how I considered what I wanted to receive out of the promotion and chose the level to aim for.

  • In two and a half years, I haven’t seen my family in Australia.
  • These are difficult awards to get, and in the past, I’d plan trips around premium cabin award availability and do backflips to get the greatest bargain.
  • However, these 7 million miles provide me the flexibility to see my family whenever I choose.

Between the United States and Australia, a saver business class award flight covers 80,000 miles. That may be difficult to come by on Qantas, and much more so on American Airlines.

Take a 195,000 mile business class reward on American, which has significantly more availability ($819 with this coupon). That’s a roundtrip distance of 390,000 miles, or 1,170,000 miles for a family of three. I can do this six times with seven million miles.

Most likely, I won’t go the whole distance this way. I’ll continue to look for saving offers and travel first class on the Qantas A380 when I can. I’ll utilize miles to go to destinations other than Australia.

But my main criterion was ‘a half-dozen visits to see relatives in Australia whenever it makes sense for us to travel (unconstrained by saver inventory)’.

This isn’t the most miles I’ve ever accumulated as a result of a promotion. During the 2009 Christmas shopping campaign, I earned more miles, and miles were worth more back then. However, it’s the highest score I’ve had in over a decade. Part of me believes that growing even larger would be beneficial, but there were dangers and drawbacks, so I chose against putting myself through true sleepless nights until the promotion was confirmed. It’s only now, in retrospect, that I’d contemplate pursuing even more kilometers.

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The “aa eshopping” is a blog post about why the author went all in and earned 7 million American Airlines miles with their year end promo. The author talks about how they were able to earn so many miles, despite not being an AA member.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my AAdvantage miles from expiring?

A: You can always add in more miles through your loyalty program, or you could sign up for a credit card and use the rewards to purchase additional AAdvantage Miles.

Do Million Miler miles expire?

A: Million Miler miles are not expiring. There is no expiration date on them and they will stay as long as your account stays active, even if you dont earn or use them in the future.

Is there a 10 million mile club?

A: The 10 million mile club refers to people who have flown 10,000 miles within the year.

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