Why the CDC’s recommendation against irrelevant travel does not apply to Joe Biden

Gary Leff at 29. March 2021.

As the CDC continues to advise against non-essential travel in the event of a pandemic – even for those who have been vaccinated despite their own science – a reporter asked a White House spokesperson if that advice also applies to the president and vice president.

Jen Psaki said that was not the case. The causes are revealed.

I would say the president, like the vice president, travels by private jet, Psaki said. This is the job of every president and vice president in American history.

Ms. Psaki said traveling by private jet is definitely different from traveling by commercial flight and attending a public event.

As you know, we don’t hold rallies – the president doesn’t hold rallies and the vice president doesn’t hold rallies, Psaki said. We take the role of role model very seriously.

According to the White House press secretary,

  • Travel by private jet is an exception to the CDA rules for non-essential flights. It can be assumed that there is a risk of coming into contact with other people while driving. It is possible for the Covid-19 to float in the air, but this is rare, thanks in part to the HEPA filtration and downward airflow. Could this be the end of airlines blocking middle seats?

Moreover, there is nothing unusual about the President flying in isolation with a substantial entourage and often media representatives.

  • What allows the President and Vice President to make non-essential travel safe is what they do when they are in the field (not holding rallies), but that is precisely the position the CDC does not want to take. They say travel is prohibited instead of advising people to take precautions and avoid enclosed, poorly ventilated, crowded spaces.

President Trump got Covida and received the best medical care possible. He had access to monoclonal antibodies before their use was approved. He’s recovered. The president and vice president continue to travel despite the CDC’s advice on the matter.

That’s a lot different than Gavin Newsom telling people not to stay in when they go to dinner at the French Laundry with a group, or the Mayor of Denver telling people not to drive outside the United Airlines gate, or the Mayor of Austin telling his citizens to stay home when they’re in a timeshare in Cabo.

On the contrary, he points out that a common sense approach is what we have always needed: Avoid indoor gatherings, wear very good masks and get vaccinated as soon as possible. President Biden received on Jan. 11, his second Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, and at 78, he can travel.

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