A video of a woman spitting on passengers and taking a stand against masks has gone viral, with at least two airlines banning the practice. The incident took place Sunday, on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Allentown, Penn., the second-largest city in the state. In the video, a woman can be seen spitting on passengers and then takes off her hijab before putting on a mask and boarding the plane. At one point, she is seen wearing a large, black jacket-like cloak over her head. The woman is also seen talking to other passengers about her views on the hijab.

Delta Airlines has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. The airline was recently in the headlines for what some have called its “snowflake” policy of allowing passengers to don their face masks on flights, even though other airlines have banned those masks. Now, new reports are telling us that a woman was removed from a plane for allegedly spitting on passengers and refusing to take off her mask.

Woman spits on Delta passengers and speaks out against masks before being taken away by police

Gary Leff 14. July 2021

You may not like the federal mandate on masks. One would think that mandating the use of paper masks that do not fit properly on the face will do little to combat Covid-19. And you may think that getting two doses of the mRNA vaccine will protect you and others. But the mask rule is a federal rule that was in effect until the 13th Amendment. September is in effect. That used to be the airline’s policy.

As a rule, most passengers cannot fly without a mask for more than a year. And even if you are flying for the first time during this time, there are omens. You will be informed of this when you register. There are ads. And if you go through security and board without wearing a mask, you usually get one from the airline.

Why should we be surprised by this demand? And why do they think their position is effective – that they can take off and travel without the mask they’ve been ordered to wear, especially when law enforcement boards the plane? And even if they succeed, what is the calculation that will make it worthwhile?

Austin County Congressman Chip Roy gets away with it, but American Airlines is now a tutelage of the state and has received more than $79 billion in taxpayer subsidies over the past 18 months. The others? Challenging the amicable settlement rule often does not end well.

Still, Adelaide Shrowang, 23, thought she could make it when she arrived on a Delta flight from Fort Myers. She refused to cover her nose and mouth with a mask on the plane, and police were eventually called to the scene after she allegedly spat on passengers, according to Live and Let’s Fly.

A Florida woman was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight for allegedly refusing to wear a mask and spitting on other passengers. She told police they don’t respect her human rights pic.twitter.com/9DDZoBa7up

– Sam Sweeney (@SweeneyABC) July 10, 2021

She’s fighting the cops’ right to touch her… as a living person. She says she wants to trust them, but their insistence on leaving the plane doesn’t heal.

The woman makes an interesting comment at one minute and thirty seconds into the video. She points out that the officers simply told her that she would not be arrested if she left the plane without Delta having unloaded the entire plane, and that as a police officer you had to obey.

Cops get to lie to suspects all the time during interrogations. And they may also lie to get passengers to take the action they demand. This is one of the many reasons why trust in law enforcement is at a relatively low level. You should not trust what a police officer tells you, and you should never talk to police officers.

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