You have been vaccinated, but your children have not. Can you travel?

Gary Leff at 22. March 2021.

When I write about the possibility of traveling again after being fully vaccinated, one question often comes up: What about families with children?

Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine is approved in the United States for people aged 16 and older. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are approved for individuals 18 years of age and older. Clinical trials for infants are currently underway. Moderna has just started a study for six-month-old children.

However, adults can now be vaccinated, but children cannot. You can travel, but what about traveling with children?

These are really two different things,

  • Is it advisable to travel with unvaccinated children?
  • Will countries admit unaccredited children?

Is it advisable to travel with children?

I’m not one to compare Covid-19 to the flu. I wrote about it and warned when Anthony Fauci was still saying not to do it. But it is statistically a lesser problem for children under 9 than flu. This is not to say that there is never a risk, and we heard a lot about reactions that resembled Kawasaki syndrome in the early days of the pandemic.

Professor Emily Oster of Brown University, who studied Covid-19 data last year and wrote about data-driven parenting, points out that being younger than 9 and being vaccinated pose essentially the same health risks.

One of the main goals of vaccines is to reduce serious illness and mortality. That is what we are trying to achieve with our vaccinations. The vaccines we have reduce the risk of hospitalization and death in the elderly by 85.95%. Just a very large reduction in risk.

From this point of view, your 9 or 10 year old is in fact already a vaccinated adult. I mean, it’s true. Knowing that the probability of hospitalization or death is 10 rather than 80, it’s 99.9%, 98%. It’s even better than Pfizer’s vaccine. I hope it can be helpful for people to think about the relative risk to children, because I think we’re at a point where it says: Okay, as long as my kids are vaccinated, I can’t let them out. They let Grandma and Grandpa out. Let your children out.

When young children have a covida – and there are always abnormalities like flu – it’s a cold. And eventually, with vaccines, we all get colds. And we get many from our children and other people.

Oster provides income by comparing the absolute peak in hospitalizations during Covid-19 to the peak in hospitalizations for influenza three years ago.

Appropriations : Emily Auster.

It also shows that covid-19 is less likely to be a cause of death in children than homicide or heart disease.

Appropriations : Emily Auster.

In short, protecting your children is no reason not to travel with your toddlers after the Covid 19 vaccination, unless you keep them in a bubble regularly.

The mortality rate due to SMS in children under one year of age is eighty times higher than the mortality rate due to COVID-19 in this comparison period.

…children get viruses. You can’t rule out getting them sick on vacation. But the fact that COVID-19 is present in the world of vaccinated adults does not change this risk.

But children can also contract and transmit the virus, especially to those who have not yet been vaccinated. Therefore, precautions such as keeping your distance, covering up, and outdoor activities with children are the most responsible ways to protect others in poorly ventilated areas.

Are children allowed to travel?

There is no travel ban within the United States, so children are allowed to travel. In some cases, quarantine or testing requirements apply to children (children 5 years and older must have a negative test result to avoid quarantine, such as in Hawaii). However, many governments have closed or reopened their borders with testing and quarantine.

I hope to go to Australia when they open their doors – probably with a vaccination requirement. I would love to see my family, which grew by two during the pandemic. But will my young daughter be allowed into the country?

Countries like Iceland and the Seychelles have waived quarantine for people vaccinated against Covid-19. Children for whom vaccination is not permitted do not have this option.

Vaccines instead of quarantine are still new. Seychelles has fewer families than visitors. As travel opens up further and more and more countries use vaccination as a criterion for unrestricted entry, measures can be taken. Or they could demand testing instead of quarantine for children. Not everything has worked out yet.

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